10 Youngest Teen Killers In Recent Years

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youngest teen killers

In this article we are going to look at ten of the youngest teen killers in recent years that are all from the United States. The majority of the young teen killers will not see a parole date for decades to come and to be honest a lot of them should never be released from prison again. All of the links in this youngest teen killers list will lead to an article that I wrote that contains a ton of information and updated information. Already lets get going

Nathaniel Abraham – 11 Years Old

nathaniel abraham youngest teen killers

Nathaniel Abraham was just eleven years old when he shot a stranger in Michigan. According to court documents Nathaniel Abraham was playing with a gun when he told his friends to watch what was next. Nathaniel would aim at a man across the street and pulled the trigger. Somehow the bullet went in its intended direction, striking and killing the man. This young teen killer would get off relatively easy and be sentenced to juvenile detention until he was twenty one years old. Since being released from juvenile detention he has been arrested several times and is now in prison serving a long prison sentence for dealing drugs.

Lionel Tate – 12 Years Old

lionel tate photos youngest teen killers

Lionel Tate was twelve years old when he beat a six year old girl to death in Florida. According to court documents Lionel Tate was suppose to be watching the six year old girl as his mother slept upstairs. Lionel Tate would suddenly call for his mother saying something was wrong with the girl. The mother called an ambulance and when the doctors looked at the dead girls body they noticed a number of injuries and soon Tate was arrested. Lionel Tate would be initially sentenced to life in prison without parole becoming the youngest person in American history to receive such a sentence. The sentence would later be overturned and this teen killer was let out of prison however he would soon be rearrested and charged and convicted of an armed robbery of a pizza delivery man then sentenced to nearly thirty years in prison

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie – 12 Years Old

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie youngest teen killers photos

Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie were both twelve years old when they beat, tortured and murdered an autistic teenager. At court it would be revealed that the two twelve years out planned out the murder to a high degree. Jake Eakin and Evan Savoie would convince the victim out of his home where he was brought to a remote location where he was beaten, tortured and stabbed to death. Jake Eakin would plead guilty and be sentenced to fourteen years in prison and has since been released. Evan Savoie would be sentenced to thirty years in prison which was later reduced to twenty and remains incarcerated

Paul Gingerich – 12 Years Old

paul gingerich youngest teen killers

Paul Gingerich was twelve years old when he helped his fifteen year old friend Colt Lundy to murder his stepfather. Apparently Paul Gingerich and Colt Lundy were planning to run away and part of the plan was to steal a vehicle which turned into a murder. The two boys would sneak into the home and would shoot the victim as he slept in the chair. Paul Gingerich would be sentenced to thirty years in prison and would later receive a sentence reduction and has been released from prison. Colt Lundy would receive the same sentence and also received a sentence reduction and has also been released from prison.

Christopher Pittman – 12 Years Old

Christopher Pittman photos youngest teen killer

Christopher Pittman was twelve years old when he shot and killed his grandparents in Alabama. Christopher Pittman had some trouble at school and was worried that he would be punished by his grandparents who were his legal guardians at the time. Pittman would grab a gun and fatally shoot his grandparents as they lay sleeping in their bed. This teen killer would be sentenced to thirty years in prison and is due to be released in a few years

Alex King – 12 Years Old

alex and derek king youngest teen killers photos

Alex King was twelve years old and his brother Derek King was thirteen years old when they murdered their father in Florida. According to reports Alex was being manipulated by a sex offender who had convinced the twelve year old the only way they could be together was to get rid of his father. Alex King and Derek King would fatally beat their father with a baseball bat before setting the house on fire. Both of the King brothers would serve time in prison and both have since been released.

Paris Bennett – 13 Year Old

paris bennett youngest teen killers

Paris Bennett was a thirteen year old from Texas who would murder his four year old sister in Texas. According to court documents Paris Bennett was upset with his mother and decided the best way to hurt her was to murder his four year old sister. Paris Bennett would stab the little girl dozens of times causing her death. Paris Bennett would be sentenced to forty years in prison

Eric Smith – 13 Years Old

eric smith youngest teen killers

Eric Smith was thirteen years old when he murdered a four year old boy in New York State. According to Smith he was walking home from school when he saw the four year old boy who he would lure to a remote location. The little boy would have his skull crushed by a rock. Eric Smith would say he was tired of being bullied and wanted to take out his anger on someone. This teen killer was sentenced to nine years to life and his paroled has been denied ten times since becoming eligible.

Keaira Brown – 13 Years Old

Keaira Brown youngest teen killers

Keaira Brown was thirteen years old when she murdered a man during a carjacking. According to court documents Keaira Brown was attempting to steal a car and when the driver of the vehicle was not moving as fast as she wanted the thirteen year old would shoot and kill him. Keaira Brown would be sentenced to life in prison with no parole for twenty years.

Heather Opel – 13 Years Old

heather opel youngest teen killers

Heather Opel was just thirteen years old when she and a group of teens murdered a man in Washington State. According to court documents Heather Opel mother Barbara Opel was having a problem with a man and she decided to hire her daughter and a bunch of teens to murder him. The group would do exactly that by ambushing then stabbing the victim repeatedly. Heather Opel was sentenced to twenty two years in prison and her mother Barbara Opel would receive a life sentence.

Bonus – Robert Thompson And Jon Venables – Ten Years Old

robert thompson and john venables

Of course the two most infamous young teen killers over the last couple of decades is Robert Thompson and Jon Venables who shocked the world when they led a little boy away from his mother and then proceeded to murder him. The reason for not adding him to the main list is the crime took place overseas. Both of the young killers have been released from prison with both receiving new names and identities. Robert Thompson has basically disappeared while Jon Venables has had a number of run ins with the police

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