November 2017

allen cox photos

Allen Cox Asks For Death Penalty

  Allen Cox Florida Death Row A man sentenced to die by lethal injection for killing another prisoner 19 years ago is up for resentencing, but he has told a judge he would rather be executed.Allen Cox, 55, citing poor health, a comfortable, safe cell on death row and fears he will be preyed upon […]

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John Allen Arizona Death Row

John Allen Arizona Death Row John Allen has been sentenced to death in Phoenix Arizona for the torture murder of a ten year old child.  According to court documents John Allen and his wife Sammantha Allen locked the ten year old child in a small plastic box during the high heat of the summer which […]

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William Hudson Texas Death Row

William Hudson Texas Death Row William Hudson is the latest to find himself on Texas Death Row as a jury convicted the man in seventeen minutes of six counts of capital murder.  According to court documents William Hudson believed that the victims had stole from him.  Police would find the bodies of two of the […]

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Alva Campbell Execution Delayed

The Ohio government called off the execution of a 69-year-old convicted murderer after it was under way on Wednesday because officials could not find a suitable vein in the inmate, who is sick with cancer and other diseases, state officials said. Alva Campbell Jr., who also suffers from lung disease, asthma and heart problems and […]

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Thomas Whitaker Execution Scheduled

Thomas Whitaker Execution Scheduled When you look at the above photo of Thomas Whitaker and his family it could almost be the image used for the ideal American family.  However, mere months after this photo was taken Thomas Whitaker had arranged for the murders of his entire family.  One night after returning from a celebration, […]

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mesac damas florida death row

Mesac Damas Florida Death Row

Mesac Damas Florida Death Row Mesac Damas is the latest murderer to join the roster of those waiting to be executed by the State of Florida.  Mesac Damas was convicted of murdering his wife and their five children in Naples Florida.  According to court documents, Mesac Damas was upset that his wife was talking about […]

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