September 2019

Akeeley Keshawn Blade Jr teen killer

Akeeley Blade Jr Teen Killer Beats Man To Death During Robbery In Louisiana

Akeeley Blade Jr is a teen killer who was convicted in the murder of a man during a robbery. According to court documents Blade along with three other teens went to a motel where they would fatally beat a man during the course of a robbery. The other three teens would immediately plead guilty for […]

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Terri-Lynne McClintic And The Tori Stafford Murder

Terri-Lynne McClintic and her boyfriend Michael Rafferty were responsible for the murder of eight year old Tori Stafford a case that shocked Canada. Tori Stafford was leaving her school when she was approached by Terri Lynne who would be seen on video surveillance walking away with the little girl. Tori Stafford would be brought into […]

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Granville Ritchie Florida Death Row

Granville Ritchie Florida Death Row Granville Ritchie has been sentenced to death for the rape and murder of a nine year old girl.  According to court documents the little girl was brought to Ritchie home and was asked to watch her.  When the family friend returned the little girl was gone.  Granville told the woman […]

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wayne williams serial killer

Wayne Williams Atlanta Child Murders Serial Killer

Wayne Williams was arrested and convicted of murdering two men in Atlanta Georgia however this serial killer is believed to be responsible for over twenty child murders that took place in Atlanta from 1979 to 1981. According to court documents Williams grew up in Atlanta Georgia to parents who were both teachers. He had a […]

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Zitedrick Shelley teen killer

Zitedrick Shelley Teen Killer Murders Woman During Robbery In Georgia

Zitedrick Shelley was thirteen years old when he would murder a woman during an armed robbery. According to court documents Shelley walked up to an elderly lady demanding her money and before she could respond she would be shot in the chest and would pass away from her injuries. Zitedrick was quickly arrested and once […]

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lords of chaos

Kevin Foster And The Lords Of Chaos

The Lords of Chaos was a group in Florida consisting of Kevin Foster, Pete Magnotti, Christopher Black and Derek Shields who would end up murdering a teacher sending one of them to death row. The Lords of Chaos formed in Fort Myers Florida in 1996 and at first it was just petty vandalism but soon […]

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