October 2019

emilia carr photos

Emilia Carr – The Murder Of Heather Strong

Emilia Carr was initially sentenced to death for the murder of Heather Strong however it would later be changed to life in prison without the possibility of parole. According to court documents Emilia was all set to marry Joshua Fulgham however he would end up marrying Heather Strong instead. Carr was still involved with Fulgham […]

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rachel wade photos

Rachel Wade Teen Killer Murders Sarah Ludemann In Florida

Rachel Wade was a teenager in Florida who was involved in a love triangle that ended in murder. According to court documents Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were both involved with the same man Joshua Camacho. What started as nasty phone calls and texts quickly turned violent when Wade would fatally stab Ludemann. This teen […]

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Anthony Clark photos

Anthony Clark Teen Killer Murders 2 In Robbery In Florida

Anthony Clark was fourteen years old when he shot and killed two people during a robbery. According to court documents Clark arrange a meet with one of the victims in order to rob him. When the victim showed up with another person Anthony would shoot and kill both of them. Due to his age at […]

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Michael Hernandez photos

Michael Hernandez Teen Killer Murders Classmate In Florida

Michael Hernandez was a promising young student in Florida until he decided he wanted to become a serial killer and would start with a classmate. According to court documents Michael Hernandez would lead the student to a school washroom where he proceeded to stab him to death. This teen killer would soon be arrested and […]

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kaleigh fryer photos

Kaleigh Fryer Teen Killer Murders Father In Oklahoma

Kaleigh Fryer was fifteen years old when she began to have an affair with an older, married man, Jerry Chiles. According to Chiles Kaleigh repeatedly asked him to murder her father. In the end Jerry would do just that stabbing the victim multiple times causing his death. The murderous pair attempted to make it look […]

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melissa lucio photos

Melissa Lucio Women On Death Row

Melissa Lucio is on Texas Death Row for the murder of her two year old daughter. According to court documents paramedics showed up at the household and found the victim not breathing with no pulse. Lucio told the paramedics that the child had fallen down the stairs. However at the hospital the doctors found that […]

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