November 2019

Michael Swanson photos

Michael Swanson Teen Killer Murders 2 During Robberies In Iowa

Michael Swanson was seventeen when he would shoot and kill two clerks during two robberies. According to court documents Michael Swanson who is from Minnesota would travel to Iowa to rob a store where he would shoot and kill the store clerk. He would travel to another Iowa county where he would kill another store […]

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rebecca falcon photos

Rebecca Falcon Teen Killer Murders Man During Robbery In Florida

Rebecca Falcon was fifteen years old when she fatally shot a man during a robbery. According to court documents Rebecca Falcon and Cliffton Gilchrist planned to rob the cab driver but in the middle of the robbery they panicked and the driver was shot and killed. According to Gilchrist Rebecca had the gun and shot […]

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nathan johnson photos

Nathan Johnson Teen Killer Beats Man To Death In Florida

Nathan Johnson was sixteen when he took part in the brutal murder of a man. According to court documents Nathan Johnson, his brothers Anthony Johnson and Brian Johnson Jr along with Michael Gunn would lure the victim over to a home where he was beaten, sexually assaulted, murdered and set on fire. The group thought […]

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Koalten Orr photos

Koalten Orr Teen Killer Murders Fathers Fiance In Oklahoma

Koalten Orr was fourteen when he fatally shot his father’s fiance. According to court documents Koalten Orr would shoot Laura Hendrix and then walked to a police station to tell them what he had done. Initially Koalten told police he was being abused by Hendrix but this proved to be false. This teen killer would […]

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Brogan Rafferty teen killer

Brogan Rafferty Teen Killer Murders 3 In Craiglist Robberies

Brogan Rafferty was sentenced to life in prison for his role in three separate murders in Ohio. According to court documents Brogan Rafferty and Richard Beasley lured three men with the promise of a job on the website Craigslist. When the men arrived they would be brutally murdered by the pair. Brogan Rafferty lawyers tried […]

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Aaron Trejo photos

Aaron Trejo Teen Killer Murders Pregnant Girlfriend in Indiana

Aaron Trejo was sixteen when he murdered his pregnant girlfriend. According to court documents Aaron Trejo learned that his girlfriend was pregnant and was not ready to be a father so the best way to get out of it was murder her and the unborn child. Aaron Trejo agreed to meet Breana Rouhselang outside of […]

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