December 2019

austin myers ohio photos

Austin Myers Teen Killer Sentenced To Death

Austin Myers was just eighteen years old when he murdered a friend and was sent to Ohio death row. According to court documents Austin Myers believed that there was a ton of the money in the victims home, Justin Back. The original plan was to rob the safe in the home, however that planned quickly […]

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elizabeth shannon photos

Elizabeth Shannon Teen Killer Murders Her Stepfather

Elizabeth Shannon was just fifteen years old when she helped her mother kill her stepfather. According to court documents Joan Shannon marriage to David Shannon was falling apart as she had started an affair with another man. Joan Shannon would plan with Elizabeth Shannon to get rid of her stepfather so she could move forward […]

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Dakota White and Brandon Warren photos

Dakota White and Brandon Warren Teen Killers

Dakota White and Brandon Warren made a suicide pact but before they took their lives they wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone and that is exactly what they did. Dakota White and Brandon Warren would lure Samuel Poss to White’s Grandparents home where he was strangled and stabbed to death. The […]

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jacob matt morgan photos

Jacob Matt Morgan Teen Killer Sets Fire Kills Brother

Jacob Matt Morgan who is mostly referred to as Matt Morgan was seventeen years old when he set his home on fire in South Carolina killing his fourteen month old brother. According to court documents Matt Morgan would set at least two fires inside of the trailer home and then leave the residence. Authorities would […]

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adrian sawyer teen killer photos

Adrian Sawyer Teen Killer Stabs Sleeping Teen

Adrian Sawyer was sixteen when he murdered his best friend in New York State. According to court documents Adrian Sawyer was at the home of the murder victim, Maverick Bowman, and when the fifteen year old fell asleep Adrian Sawyer would place a machete beside his head and take a photo which he sent to […]

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stephanie olsen teen killer photos

Stephanie Olsen Teen Killer Murders Mother

Stephanie Olsen was a seventeen year old from Kentucky who along with her boyfriend David Dressman would stab her mother to death. According to court documents Stephanie Olsen and her mother had different opinions regarding David Dressman and when her mother refused to let her teenage daughter move out the teenage couple decided to murder […]

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