January 2020

hannah stone indiana photos

Hannah Stone Teen Killer Preachers Daughter

Hannah Stone was seventeen years old when she orchestrated the murder of her mother in Indiana. According to court documents Hannah Stone and her mother were having issues regarding Hannah’s boyfriend Spenser Krempetz. The mother and daughter arguments progressed to the point Hannah was booted from the residence for not breaking up with Spenser. The […]

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Aza Vidinhar photos

Aza Vidinhar Teen Killer Murders Brothers

Aza Vidinhar was fifteen years old when he stabbed his two younger brothers to death in Utah. According to court documents Aza Vidinhar became upset when his younger brothers refused to turn the television down and then he did the unthinkable. Aza would stab his ten year old brother eighty eight times and would stab […]

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10 Youngest Teen Killers In Recent Years

In this article we are going to look at ten of the youngest teen killers in recent years that are all from the United States. The majority of the young teen killers will not see a parole date for decades to come and to be honest a lot of them should never be released from […]

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Gevin Prince photos

Gevin Prince Teen Killer Murders Grandma With Sword

Gevin Prince a sixteen year old from Georgia would murder his great grandmother with a samurai sword. According to court documents Gevin Prince would kill his great grandmother with a samurai sword after she asked him to stop playing video games. Prince would also stab his grandmother in the same incident with the sword. This […]

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gregory smith photos

Gregory Smith Teen Killer Murders Grandparents

Gregory Smith would murder his great grandparents in Colorado when he was seventeen years old. According to court documents Gregory Smith had taken his great grandparents truck without permission and proceeded to wreck the vehicle when he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheels. Instead of dealing with the consequences he decided to murder the elderly […]

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antonio barbeau nathan paape photos

Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape Teen Killers

Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape were convicted in Wisconsin for the brutal murder of an elderly lady. According to court documents Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape decided to rob Antonio great grandmother. What happened next was out of a horror movie as the elderly woman was beaten before being struck several times with a hatchet. […]

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