February 2020

billy flynn pamela smart murder photos

William Billy Flynn And The Pamela Smart Murder

Billy Flynn was just fifteen years old when an affair with his teacher Pamela Smart would end with the murder of her husband Greg Smart. According to court documents Billy Flynn and Pamela Smart would start an affair in 1990 that quickly grew out of hand. Eventually the two plotted together along with two other […]

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maeghan rice photos

Meaghan Rice Teen Killer Stabbing In Arizona

Meaghan Rice would conspire with one of her boyfriends, David Paulson, to murder another boyfriend Randall Mercier. According to court documents in Arizona, Maeghan Rice would pick up Randall Mercier with David Paulson hiding under a blanket in the back seat of the truck. When the victim was inside of the vehicle he would be […]

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rachel pittman photos

Rachel Pittman Teen Killer 3 Murders

Rachel Pittman was sixteen years old when she murdered a mother and her two children. According to court documents Rachel Pittman extensively planned out the murder to the smallest details. On the night of the murder Rachel Pittman would make her way to the home armed with a knife and a container full of gasoline. […]

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michael richardson photos

Michael Richardson Teen Killer Hired Gun

Michael Richardson was seventeen years old when he was hired by his girlfriend and his girlfriends mother to kill her husband. According to court documents Michael Richardson would be paid $6000 to murder the victim. Michael Richardson girlfriend Michelle Burney and her mother Patricia Burney would pick up the teen killer and he would hide […]

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tyson langley photos

Tyson Langley Teen Killer Murders 2 In Arizona

Tyson Langley would murder two people during a robbery in Arizona. According to court documents Tyson Langley would walk into a Peoria Arizona and would shoot two people in the head. When Tyson Langley was arrested in California and extradited back to Arizona where he would stand trial and be convicted of both murders and […]

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deryl dedmon photos

Deryl Dedmon Teen Killer Hate Crime

Deryl Dedmon was eighteen years old when he murdered a man with his truck because of the color of his skin in Mississippi. According to court documents Deryl Demon and two other men were driving around when they saw the victim in a motel parking lot. The trio would jump out of the truck and […]

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