Year: 2021

  • Teen Killerschancey luna

    Chancey Luna Teen Killer Murders Chris Lane

    Chancey Luna was a seventeen year old teen killer from Oklahoma who would shoot and kill Chris Lane because he was bored. According to court documents Chancey Luna was driving around with Michael Jones and James Edwards Jr when he saw Chris Lane jogging along the side of the road. Chancey Luna would fire a gun at him which would…

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  • Crime NewsAbel Elias Acosta

    Abel Elias Acosta Teen Killer Wanted In Triple Murder

    Abel Elias Acosta, a suspected teen killer, is being searched for by police in Garland Texas for a shooting that would leave three teenagers dead. According to reports Abel Elias Acosta allegedly walking into the gas station convienene store and would open fire killing three teenagers.  Richard Acosta, who was waiting outside of the store in a white pickup truck…

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  • Crime NewsJeremy Everett Goodale

    Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller Charged With Teachers Murder

    Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaiden Miller are two teen killers who have been charged in the murder of their spanish teacher Nohema Graber. According to early reports the two teen stalked the women and learned all of her behaviors before the day of the murder. The murder which took place in November 2021 when Jeremy Everett Goodale and…

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  • Death Row Inmatesmichael gonzales

    Michael Gonzales Texas Death Row

    Michael Gonzales was sentenced to death by the State of Texas for a double murder committed during a robbery. According to court documents Michael Gonzales would break into his neighbors home and when the couple awoke Gonzales would stab both of them to death. Michael Gonzales would be arrested ,convicted and sentenced to death Michael Gonzales 2021 Information Michael Gonzales…

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  • Death Row Inmatesmatthew reeves

    Matthew Reeves Alabama Death Row

    Matthew Reeves was sentenced to death by the State of Alabama for a murder committed during a robbery. According to court documents Matthew Reeves and his brother Julius would rob the victim and would shoot and kill him during the robbery. Matthew Reeves would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death Matthew Reeves 2021 Information Inmate: REEVES, MATTHEWAIS: 0000Z636  Institution: HOLMAN PRISON Matthew Reeves…

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  • Teen Killerskyle miller

    Kyle Miller Teen Killer Murders 7 Year Old Brother

    Kyle Miller was a fifteen year old from Kentucky who would murder his seven year old brother. According to court documents Kyle Miller would strangle his seven year old brother to death inside of their family home. This teen killer would be sentenced to twenty years in prison Kyle Miller 2021 Information Kyle Miller is being housed in a juvenile…

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  • Teen Killersgaven smith 2021

    Gaven Smith Teen Killer Murders Classmate

    Gaven Smith was seventeen years old from Florida when he shot and killed a classmate. According to court documents Gaven Smith would fatally shoot his West Nassau High School classmate in what police called a drug deal gone bad. This teen killer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Gaven Smith 2021 Information Gaven Smith is…

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  • Teen Killerslakeith smith

    Lakeith Smith Teen Killer Felony Murder

     Lakeith Smith was just fifteen years old when he broke into a home with a friend and when police shot and killer his friend he was charged with murder. According to court documents  Lakeith Smith and A’Donte Washington broke into a home. When the two were leaving the home a gunfight started between A’Donte Washington and the police officer. Washington…

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  • Teen Killersedgar diaz

    Edgar Diaz Teen Killer Murders Mother In Parking Lot

    Edgar Diaz was a seventeen year old teen killer from New Jersey who would stab his mother to death in a parking lot. According to court documents Edgar Diaz would stab his mother multiple times and banged her head off the cement causing her death. Edgar Diaz would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to eighteen years in prison Edgar Diaz…

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  • Teen Killerschristian hillman

    Christian Hillman Teen Killer Road Rage Murder

    Christian Hillman was an eighteen year old from Michigan who would beat a man to death following a road rage incident. According to court documents Christian Hillman was being followed by the victim who was flashing his lights and laying on his horn. Christian Hillman would pull into a parking lot where he was followed by the victim. This teen…

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