Morgan McDonald Teen Killer Stabs Teen To Death

morgan mcdonald photos

Morgan McDonald was seventeen years old when she stabbed another teenager to death. According to court documents Morgan McDonald confronted the victim about a man they both have had a relationship with. When the argument escalated the teen killer would stab the other woman in the neck. Although people tried to help the teen she would die … Read more

Lavaya May Teen Killer Murders Allege Abuser

Lavaya May Teen Killer

Lavaya May was sixteen when she recruited two friend to help murder a man she alleges abused her. According to court documents Lavaya Mat told two of her friends Tyson Hunter and Jonathan Ruffini that she was abused by the victim for years. The trio decided to get revenge. On the day of the murder … Read more

Ashlee Martinson Teen Killer Murders Parents

Ashlee Martinson Teen Killer

Ashlee Martinson was seventeen years old when she would murder her mother and stepfather who according to her were highly abusive. Ashlee Martinson would lock her siblings in a room before shooting her stepfather and then fatally stabbing her mother. Martinson would then flee the crime scene with her older boyfriend. This teen killer would end up … Read more

Daniel Marsh Teen Killer Murders Elderly Couple

daniel marsh photos

Daniel Marsh was fifteen years old when he broke into an elderly couples home and butchered them. According to court documents Daniel Marsh not only stabbed the couple to death but after they were dead he removed organs from their bodies. Daniel Marsh who once was given an award for saving his fathers life was … Read more

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards Teen Killers

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards Teen Killers

Lucas Markham and Kim Edwards were fifteen years old when they would murder Kims mother and her sister. According to court documents the two teen killers decided to murder Kim’s mom and sister because they thought the mother wanted to break up the pair. The thirteen year old sister was collateral damage. Lucas would stab the mother … Read more