Dustin Higgs Federal Execution

dustin higgs execution

Dustin Higgs was executed by the Federal Government for a series of murders. According to court documents Dustin Higgs was convicted of the kidnapping and murders of three women in 1996. Since his arrest Dustin Higgs has maintained his innocence. Dustin Higgs would be executed by lethal injection on January 16, 2001 Dustin Higgs More … Read more

Corey Johnson Federal Execution

corey johson execution

Corey Johnson was executed by the Federal Government for a series of murders in Virginia. According to court documents Corey Johnson would commit a total of seven murders in Richmond Virginia in order to further his hold on drug trafficking in the city. Corey Johnson whose intelligence was considered to be borderline and was fighting … Read more

Joseph Wielzen Teen Killer Murders Kelsey Burnette

Joseph Wielzen

Joseph Wielzen was seventeen years old when he brutally murdered Kelsey Burnette in Tennessee. According to court documents Joseph Wielzen would attack Kelsey Burnette with a baseball bat before sexually assaulting and murdering the eighteen year old woman. This teen killer would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Joseph Wielzen … Read more

Top 10 Supermax ADX Florence Inmates

adx florence supermax

When you screw up in prison they send you to solitary confinement but when you continue to cause problems they will send you to a supermax or if your crimes are so atrocious or if you are considered to be so dangerous then the supermax could be your home for the rest of your life. … Read more

Damian Hauschultz Teen Killer Murders 7 Year Old

Damian Hauschultz

Damian Hauschultz was fourteen years old when he fatally beat to death seven year old Ethan Hauschultz. According to court documents Ethan was a foster child who was sent to the Hauschultz household after being removed from his parental home due to abuse. Ethan Hauschultz would be severely beaten as he was forced to drag … Read more