Joshua Bishop Georgia Execution

joshua bishop execution photos

Joshua Bishop was executed by the State of Georgia for the murder of a man during a robbery. According to court documents Joshua Bishop and Mark Braxley would murder Leverett Morrison because they wanted his Jeep. After Joshua Bishop was arrested he would confess to the murder of Ricky Lee Willis. Joshua Bishop would be … Read more

Travis Hittson Georgia Execution

travis hittson photos

Travis Hittson was executed by the State of Georgia for the murder of another sailor. According to court documents Travis Hittson and Edward Vollmer would murder fellow Navy sailor Conway Utterbeck whose body was dismembered and spread over two states. Travis Hittson would be convicted and sentenced to death. Travis Hittson would be executed February … Read more

Miguel Gaitan And Joel Ramos Teen Killers Murder 4

miguel gaitan photos

Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos were both fourteen years old from Washington State that would murder four people, According to court documents Miguel Gaitan and Joel Ramos would murder Michael and Lynn Skelton and their two children Lynn and Bryan. Apparently the two teen killers were attempting to impress a street gang. Miguel Gaitan would … Read more

Richard Kinder Teen Killer Kidnapping Murder

richard kinder photos

Richard Kinder was seventeen years old when he and David Duren would kidnap and murder a teen girl in 1983. According to court documents Richard Kinder and David Duren, 21, would kidnap sixteen year old  Kathleen Bedsole, and her date, Charles Leonard. The pair would be driven to a remote location where they would be … Read more