Akeeley Blade Jr Teen Killer Beats Man To Death During Robbery In Louisiana

Akeeley Keshawn Blade Jr teen killer

Akeeley Blade Jr is a teen killer who was convicted in the murder of a man during a robbery. According to court documents Blade along with three other teens went to a motel where they would fatally beat a man during the course of a robbery. The other three teens would immediately plead guilty for shorter prison sentences however Blade would try his luck in court.

Needless to say it did not go well as the teen killer received a life sentence after he was convicted. Akeeley is still facing other charges from the time he spent in jail including assault on a correction worker and the sexual assault of a mentally handicapped inmate. Needless to say he will probably never get out of prison and that is not a bad thing

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A year and a half after Akeeley Blade, 20 of Alexandria, was found guilty by a Rapides Parish jury of first-degree murder and felony criminal conspiracy, he will be sentenced to life in prison.

Blade was convicted for the beating death of Michael Butler, 55 of Lecompte, at a Motel 6 in Alexandria. Butler was killed back in Aug. 2016. Three other defendants in the case – Camryn Lasyone, Travis Weston and Brooke Daniels have already been sentenced for their roles.

Lasyone received a sentence of 15 years for the lesser charge of manslaughter. Weston received a sentence of 25 years for a count of criminal conspiracy. Daniels received a sentence of 10 years for conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

The delay in Blade’s sentencing came as a result of several post-trial motions filed by his attorney, Michael Brewer, that were unsuccessful. A first-degree murder conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

The sentencing, which was scheduled at a court appearance on Monday, is set for Aug. 26 in front of Judge Chris Hazel. The case was initially prosecuted by Jermaine Harris, who left the office after the trial wrapped to pursue a private practice. It is now being overseen by Johnny Giordano.

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Teen Killer Accused Of Sexual Assault Of Disabled Inmate

Blade Sentenced To Life In Prison

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Akeeley Blade, Jr., 20 of Alexandria, was sentenced on Monday to life in prison without the benefit of probation or suspension of sentence by Rapides Parish Judge Chris Hazel for the 2016 beating death of Michael Butler at a Motel 6 in Alexandria. Because Blade, Jr. was a juvenile at the time of the crime, he will be eligible for parole after 25 years.

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Blade, Jr. was found guilty in Dec. 2017 by a Rapides Parish Jury on charges of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit second degree robbery and second degree robbery.

Judge Hazel also sentenced Blade for the other two charges: 30 years for second degree robbery and 15 years hard labor for conspiracy to commit second degree robbery.

Before the sentencing, Rapides Parish Assistant District Attorney Johnny Giordano withdrew the State’s motion to seek life without parole for Blade, saying, “The State does feel that we may fall short with that burden.”

In a last attempt to sway Judge Hazel, Brewer reminded Judge Hazel of the fact that Blade was only 17 years old at the time of the murder.

I don’t believe…that there was any intent to plan or stage a homicide,” Brewer added.

Blade shortly addressed Butler’s family. “I want to apologize for the pain that this has caused on the family,” he said.

Crystal Smith, Butler’s niece, then addressed the Court.

“We’re just ready to put it behind us and move forward,” she said “…We ask that justice be served in the right and proper manner.

“The defendant’s actions were heinous and cowardly,” Judge Hazel said moments before sentencing Blade to prison for life.

As Hazel addressed the crowd, describing the pain and injuries Butler received during his murder, some of Butler’s family members became emotional, leaving the courtroom momentarily.

Three other defendants in the case – Camryn Lasyone, Travis Weston and Brooke Daniels – have already been sentenced for their roles.

Blade is also one of three men accused of sexually assaulting a disabled inmate in the Rapides Parish Jail in 2018. He was indicted for two counts of oral sexual battery and two counts of sexual battery. He pleaded “not guilty” to all charges back in May of this year.

A pre-trial date for those charges is set for Nov. 20.


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