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Jodi Arias The Murder Of Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias is a woman from Arizona who was convicted in the murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. According to court documents Travis Alexander was murdered on June 4, 2008 he had been stabbed several times and was shot in the head, the coroner has stated that the gunshot may have happened taken place after […]

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Tara Desousa AKA Adam Laboucan Teenage Monster

I have been covering crime stories for quite sometime and I do not use the word monster lightly but when one is talking about Adam Laboucan who now goes by the name Tara Desousa that is exactly what fits. Adam Laboucan was fifteen years old when he sexually assaulted a three month old child. The […]

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Mollie Fitzgerald photos

Mollie Fitzgerald Charged With Mother’s Murder

Mollie Fitzgerald an actress who appeared in Captain America has been charged with the murder of her mother in Kansas. According to police reports the body of her mother, Patricia Fitzgerald, who was fatally stabbed inside of her home on December 20, 2019. Mollie Fitzgerald has been charged with second degree murder. Mollie Fitzgerald Other […]

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xbox murders photos

Deltona Massacre AKA Xbox Murders

The XBox Murders also known as the Deltona Massacre took place in Florida in 2004 that ended with six people losing their lives. According to court documents Troy Victorino was evicted from a property and he basically wanted revenge. Along with Robert Cannon, Jerone Hunter and Michael Salas the four men would return to the […]

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Magen Fieramusca photos

Magen Fieramusca Arrested In Heidi Broussard Case

Magen Fieramusca has been arrested in the Heidi Broussard missing case. Heidi Broussard went missing over a week ago under suspicious circumstances. After a lengthy search police discovered the body of the missing woman in a car outside of the home of Magen Fieramusca. The infant was found inside of the home. According to police […]

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Lizzie Borden Took An Axe

Lizzie Borden took an axe And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. Lizzie Borden may be the most axe murderer in American history however at the end of the day she was found not guilty and no one was ever prosecuted for the murders […]

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Celebrities Convicted Of Murder

Now there have been countless celebrities who have been arrested for drunk driving or for sending bribes to get their kids into a good school however this list is all about celebrities who were convicted of murder. There is a mix on this particular list of athletes, musicians and of course Hollywood actors who appeared […]

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Walter McMillian

Walter McMillian Wrongful Conviction

Walter McMillian was a case where a man was sentenced to death and it would later be proved that he had nothing to do with the crime that sent him to death row in Alabama. In 1986 Ronda Morrison was found dead at Jackson Cleaners in Monroeville Alabama. The white woman had been shot multiple […]

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wwe mugshot photos

Top Ten WWE Mugshots

Top Ten WWE Mugshot Photos It is time for another mugshot article and today we are going to look at the world of professional wrestling with the Top Ten Mugshot Photos of all time. Now like most of my mugshot articles there is no ranking for this particular list and depending on your age you […]

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