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james holmes

James Holmes – Aurora Colorado Mass Shooting

James Holmes is responsible for one of the worst mass shooting in the history of the United States when he would walk into a movie theatre in Aurora Colorado and open fire. According to court documents James Holmes would rig his apartment with homemade explosives before heading to a movie theatre that was premiering the […]

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top ten prison books

My Top Ten Prison Books

My Top Ten Prison Books Well the title makes the content of this particular article pretty obvious which is of course my top ten prison books. Every single book on this list I have read and I have currently in my Kindle library. I like reading from real books but my job as a long […]

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audrey hawkins photos

The Texas Seven Prison Escape

The Texas Seven prison escape caught the Nation’s attention when they escaped from the John Connally Unit near Kenedy Texas and they would be on the run for over a month. During an armed robbery a police officer Aubrey Hawkins would be killed. In this article we are going to take a closer look at […]

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anissa weier morgan geyser photos

Slenderman Stabbing Anissa Weier And Morgan Geyser

The Slenderman Stabbing case shook a nation as two twelve year old girls Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser would lead their friend out into a field and proceeded to stab her nearly twenty times. In this article we are going to take a look at the Slenderman Stabbing case and how the justice system dealt […]

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Dedrick D Gobert photos

Dedrick Gobert A Life Cut Short

Dedrick Gobert was another actor who made his big screen premier in the film Boyz N The Hood and would die at a very young age similar to actor Lloyd Avery. Dedrick played the character Dooky who is best remembered for his ever present pacifier and being in a wheelchair. After Boyz N The Hood […]

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Lloyd Avery II

The Life And Death Of Lloyd Avery II

There are a lot of strange stories coming out of Hollywood but the life and death of Lloyd Avery II is near the top. Most people will remember Lloyd from the film Boyz N The Hood where he leaned out of the car and shot one of the main characters played by Morris Chestnut or […]

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amber guyger

Amber Guyger Sentenced To Prison

Amber Guyger has been sentenced to prison after being convicted of murdering Botham Jean. According to prosecutors Amber Guyger got off on the wrong floor and walked into an apartment she believed was her own and when she saw Bothan Jean she shot him twice in the chest. Also according to prosecutors Amber Guyger was […]

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amber guyger

Amber Guyger Found Guilty Of Murder

   Amber Guyger the former Dallas Police officer has been found guilty of murder. According to court documents the former police officer walked into her neighbors apartment thinking it was her own and opened fire killing the resident. Amber Guyger who was in uniform at the time mistakenly got off on the wrong floor and […]

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shelia keen warren clown

Sheila Keen-Warren Faces Death Penalty

Sheila Keen-Warren is facing the death penalty for a murder that committed in 1990. According to prosecutors Sheila Keen-Warren murdered the wife of a man that she was interested in and would later marry. They say that someone dressed in a clown outfit would gun down the victim in a hail of bullets. Prosecutors are […]

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