Death Row

Death Row

Edward McCauley arizona death row photos

Edward McCauley Arizona Death Row

Edward McCauley was sentenced to death in Arizona for the murder of his estranged wife in 2014. According to court documents Edward McCauley would arrive at the home of his estranged wife Dawn before she left for work. When Dawn left the home Edward would approach her armed with a gun and yelling threats. Edward […]

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Byron Shepard Death Row Oklahoma

Byron Shepard Oklahoma Death Row

Byron Shepard has been sentenced to death for the murder of a police officer in Oklahoma. According to court documents Byron Shepard was pulled over by officer Justin Terney. Shepard who was a passenger in the car would provide a fake name then went running into the woods. When Officer Justin Terney chased him Byron […]

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christian cruz photos

Christian Cruz Sentenced To Death In Florida

Christian Cruz has been sentenced to death in Florida for the kidnapping and murder of Christian Jemery. According to court documents Christian Cruz and Justen Charles broke into the victims apartment, bound him with duct tape and speaker wire. The victim was brought to a remote location where he was shot in the head. Justen […]

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Miguel Crespo photos

Miguel Crespo California Death Row

Miguel Crespo has been sentenced to death in California for the murder of his cellmate. According to court documents Miguel Crespo was paired up with a transgender inmate and it went bad from the start. Within eight hours of the two being paired up the victim was bound, tortured and murdered. This case brought the […]

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Israel Ramirez Guardado photos

Israel Ramirez Guardado Jury Recommends Death

Jurors in the trial of Israel Ramirez Guardado has recommended death for the man who set his own mother on fire. According to court documents Israel Guardado was involved in a argument regarding custody of one of his children with his mother that turned violent. According to police Israel Guardado dosed his mother with gasoline […]

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Mark Sievers Jury Recommends Death

A jury in Florida has recommended that Mark Sievers be sentenced to death for the murder of his wife Teresa Sievers. According to court documents Mark Sievers planned his wife’s murder with Curtis Wayne Wright Jr and Jimmy Ray Rodgers. Curtis Wayne Wright Jr and Jimmy Ray Rodgers who met when both were incarcerated in […]

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Hector Acosta-Ojeda photos

Hector Acosta-Ojeda Sentenced To Death In Texas

Hector Acosta-Ojeda was sentenced to death in Texas for two brutal murders. According to court reports the self professed cartel hitman shot and killed the two victims while they slept in their bed. Hector Acosta-Ojeda would mutilate the bodies cutting off the head of one of the victims and placing it in a known area […]

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Rocky Ali Beamon photos

Rocky Beamon Sentenced To Death Again In Florida

Rocky Beamon has been sentenced to death in Florida once again. Beamon who was initially sentenced to life in prison in 2005 would commit his first prison murder in 2012 in which he was sentenced to death earlier this year. Now Rocky Beamon was convicted with the murder of yet another inmate. According to court […]

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Dameon Mosley mugshot photos

Dameon Mosley Sentenced To Death In Texas

Dameon Mosley was sentenced to death in Tyler Texas for a gas station robbery that turned into a murder. According to court documents Dameon Mosley walked into the gas station, pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded the money in the cash register. Dameon Mosley would then fatally shoot the clerk in the head. […]

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