Death Row

Death Row

Rocky Ali Beamon photos

Rocky Beamon Sentenced To Death Again In Florida

Rocky Beamon has been sentenced to death in Florida once again. Beamon who was initially sentenced to life in prison in 2005 would commit his first prison murder in 2012 in which he was sentenced to death earlier this year. Now Rocky Beamon was convicted with the murder of yet another inmate. According to court […]

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Dameon Mosley mugshot photos

Dameon Mosley Sentenced To Death In Texas

Dameon Mosley was sentenced to death in Tyler Texas for a gas station robbery that turned into a murder. According to court documents Dameon Mosley walked into the gas station, pulled a gun on the clerk and demanded the money in the cash register. Dameon Mosley would then fatally shoot the clerk in the head. […]

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Rahmael Holt

Rahmael Holt Pennsylvania Death Row

Rahmael Holt was sentenced to death in Pennsylvania for the murder of a police officer. According to court documents Rahmael Holt was being pulled over by Police Officer Brian Shaw of the New Kensington Police Department and what would happen next would seal Holt fate. Rahmael was a passenger in the car that was being […]

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rodney reed photos

Is Rodney Reed Innocent?

Is Rodney Reed innocent? The question in the world of the death penalty seems to be focused on Rodney Reed and whether or not he may be innocent of the crime that has sentenced him to death row in Texas. According to court documents Rodney Reed was sentenced to death for the murder of Stacey […]

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Mikel Brady

Mikel Brady North Carolina Death Row

Mikel Brady was serving time in North Carolina for the murder of a police officer when he was involved in a prison escape that left four prison employees dead. According to court documents Mikel was housed at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution in Elizabeth City when he and Wisezah Buckman, Seth Frazier and Jonathan Monk attempted […]

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Matthew Nicholson Jury Recommends Death Sentence

A jury has convicted Matthew Nicholson of two counts of murder and has recommended he be sentenced to death. According to court documents Nicholson was beating up a woman when her seventeen year old son tried to intervene. During the fight the woman’s nineteen year old daughter returned home from work. Matthew left the residence […]

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Anthony McKnight

Anthony McKnight Found Dead On California Death Row

Serial Killer Anthony McKnight was found dead in his cell on California Death Row. According to news reports no official cause of death was released. Anthony was jailed in the 1980s for a series of rapes and attempted murders of three women. However in the early 2000’s his DNA was matched to a number of […]

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Michael Gargiulo photos

Michael Gargiulo Jury Recommends Death Penalty

Michael Gargiulo jury has recommended the ultimate penalty and believe that the Hollywood Ripper should be sentenced to death. Gargiulo was convicted on two murders and an attempted murder relating to three attacks in California where Gargiulo waited for the women then viciously attacked with a knife. The Hollywood Ripper case was highly publizied due […]

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lionel francis

Lionel Francis Alabama Death Row

Lionel Francis Alabama Death Row Lionel Francis was sentenced to death in Alabama for the murder of his 20 month old daughter.  According to court documents Lionel Francis was in an argument with the victim’s mother when he became enraged and shot and killed the twenty month old child. Lionel Francis Other News A Huntsville […]

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