Serial Killer

Serial Killers –  This collection includes men and women who meet the definition of a serial killer.  All posts include videos and photos

Joanna Dennehy photos

Joanna Dennehy Serial Killer – The Ditch Murders

Joanna Dennehy is a woman from Britain who was convicted of three murders where all of the victims were found in a ditch near Peterborough England.  According to court documents Joanna Dennehy first victim was found March 30 2013 and four days later two more victims bodies were found.  All of the victims were male […]

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Jeffrey Dahmer Photos

Jeffrey Dahmer Serial Killer – Cannibal Serial Killer

Jeffrey Dahmer reign of terror spanned thirteen years and would take the lives of seventeen young men.  According to crime reports Jeffrey Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker and would murder him in 1978 and would not kill anyone else until 1987 when his true murder spree began targeting gay men.  Jeffrey Dahmer began collecting his […]

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Andrew Cunanan photos

Andrew Cunanan Serial Killer – The Versace Murders

Andrew Cunanan was a serial killer who operated over a three month period in 1997 that would spark a FBI manhunt and end with his suicide.  In late April 1997 Andrew Cunanan would kill his first victim an acquaintance that he would murder by beating him to death with a claw hammer, four days later […]

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dean corll photos

Dean Corll Serial Killer – The Candy Man Killer

Dean Corll along with two teenage accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Henley Jr were responsible for what was called the Houston Mass Murders between 1970 to 1973. Dean Corll would briefly serve in the military before receiving an honorable discharge.  Corll was known as the Candy Man as his family ran a candy factory and […]

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Ted Bundy Photos

Ted Bundy Serial Killer – The Boy Next Door

Theodore Bundy was the boy next door and also one of the most prolific serial killers of all time.  Ted Bundy whose murderous ways began possibly in 1971, Bundy was also a star class liar so some details are muddy, when he kidnapped and murdered a woman in Seattle.  Over the next five years Theodore […]

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Wayne Boden vampire rapist photos

Wayne Boden Serial Killer – The Vampire Rapist

Wayne Boden was a serial killer and serial rapist from Canada dubbed The Vampire Rapist Wayne Boden was born in Dundas Ontario where in high school he was known as a quiet, muscular teen who played for the high school football team. In October 1969 Wayne Boden would murder his victim who happened to live […]

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David Berkowitz photos

David Berkowitz Serial Killer – Son Of Sam

Davod Berkowitz is better known as the Son Of Sam who terrorised New York City over a year period that saw six people killed and seven wounded.  This serial killer had a habit where he would walk up to a vehicle parked on various lover’ lane and opened fire with a high powered gun, aka […]

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Rodney Alcala serial killer photos

Rodney Alcala Serial Killer – The Dating Game Killer

Rodney Alcala is a serial killer from California who was convicted of seven murders though authorities believe his body count could easily break a hundred.  Rodney who grew up in Texas before the family moved to Mexico and after his father abandoned the family moved to Los Angeles with his mother.  Alcala tried to join […]

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robert hansen photos

Robert Hansen Serial Killer – Man Hunter Serial Killer

Robert Hansen was a serial killer from Alaska whose method of murder makes him very unique to other serial killers history has seen Robert Hansen was a skinny kid who was prone to acne and was frequently rejected by women instilling a hate for the fairer sex.  He joined the United States Reserves but was […]

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