Teen Killer

Teen Killers – This collection includes teenagers who have been convicted of murder and sentenced to prison.. All posts contain videos and photos

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Photos

Victor Alas and Jose Reyes Teen Killers Murder A 15 Year Old Girl In Texas

Victor Alas was fifteen years old and Jose Reyes was sixteen when they lured a fifteen year old girl into an abandoned house where she was sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered. The pair of teen killers would be sentenced to life without parole Victor Alas And Jose Reyes 2019 Information Victor Alas – Stiles – […]

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Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper Teen Killers Murder Cassie Jo Stoddart In Idaho

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper were both sixteen when they decided they wanted to kill someone and they chose a friend, Cassie Jo Stoddart. The two young teen killers decided to wait until Cassie Jo was alone and they sneaked into her home and brutally stabbed the teenager to death. Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper […]

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Nathaniel Abraham

Nathaniel Abraham Teen Killer Murders Stranger In Michigan

Nathaniel Abraham was just eleven years old when he shot and killed a man. According to court documents Nathaniel Abraham was playing with a gun when he took aim at a man some distance away. The man was struck in the head and died instantly. This teen killer would be sentenced to eight years in […]

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Dylan Schumaker

Dylan Schumaker Teen Killer Beats A 23 Month Old Child To Death In New York

Dylan Schumaker is probably best known for crying in the courtroom that ended up on YouTube but the reason he was in that courtroom should be the focus. Dylan Schumaker was left to babysit his girlfriends young child and by the end of the night the child was dead. According to court documents Schumaker would […]

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seath jackson photos

The Murder Of Seath Jackson

The Murder Of Seath Jackson Florida The murder of fifteen Seath Jackson caught the State of Florida off guard.  Unfortunately murder is all too common in the Sunshine state but what a group of teens did to this youngster was straight out of a horror story.  It all started innocent enough as young love always […]

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