Women Executed In The US

Women Executed In The USA – Includes all women who have been sentenced to death and executed in the US since 1977. Includes videos and photos

Marilyn Kay Plantz

Marilyn Kay Plantz Women Executed In The US

Marilyn Kay Plantz was executed by the State of Oklahoma for organising the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance. Marilyn and her husband were married for several years before they moved to Oklahoma City. Soon after their arrival Marilyn began having an affair with another man and somewhere along the way […]

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Wanda Jean Allen

Wanda Jean Allen – Women Executed In The US

Wanda Jean Allen would be executed by the State of Oklahoma for the murder of her girlfriend. Allen came from a troubled background and when she was twelve years old she was hit by a car leaving her with brain damage. It is believed her IQ was in the high 60’s. In 1981 Wanda Jean […]

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Christina Marie Riggs

Christina Marie Riggs Women Executed In The US

Christina Marie Riggs was executed by the State of Arkansas for the murders of her two children. According to court documents Riggs decided to take her own life and did not want her two young children to be separated following her death so she decided the best option was to murder them. Christina Marie Riggs […]

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betty lou beets photos

Betty Lou Beets – Women Executed In The US

Betty Lou Beets was executed by the State of Texas for the murder of her fifth husband. Betty had a tough upbringing surrounded by abuse and a mother who was institutionalised when she was twelve and for being partly deaf due to a side effect of measles Beets would get married the first time when […]

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Judy Buenoano photos

Judy Buenoano – Women Executed In The US

Judy Buenoano was the first women executed in Florida since the reestablishment of the death penalty in 1977. Buenoano who is known as the black widow was convicted on two murders and an attempted murder plus suspected of others Judy would marry James Goodyear in 1971 and later that same year her husband would pass […]

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Karla Faye Tucker photos

Karla Faye Tucker – Women Executed In The USA

Karla Faye Tucker was the second woman who was executed in the United States and the first in Texas in over a hundred years. Karla Faye Tucker execution was controversial as many believed she was the definition of rehabilitation. Karla Faye was born in Houston Texas to parents who were in a troubled marriage. Karla […]

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Velma Barfield Photos

Velma Barfield – Women Executed In The USA

Velma Barfield was the first woman executed in the USA since it was reestablished in 1977 by the State of North Carolina and even though she was just convicted on one murder she confessed to six. Barfield came from an abusive household which she left by getting married at seventeen years old. Velma Barfield relationship […]

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