Women On Death Row

Women On Death Row – Includes all women who have been sentenced to death in the United State.  Videos and Photos

Angela McAnulty

Angela McAnulty Women On Death Row

Angela McAnulty is on death row in Oregon for the murder of her teenage daughter. According to court documents Angela McAnulty and her husband Richard McAnulty singled out on of their daughters who was was abused for years including starvation. When authorities came across the victims body they thought she was much younger due to […]

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Brenda Andrew

Brenda Andrew Women On Death Row

Brenda Andrew was the picture perfect next door neighbour who a stay at home mom and a Sunday school teacher but she also had a secret. Brenda Andrew had a new lover and they decided that getting a divorce from her recently separated husband was not good enough so they planned to murder him, The […]

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Donna Roberts Women On Death Row

Donna Roberts is on death row in Ohio for the contract killing of her husband. According to court documents Donna Roberts hired an inmate to murder her husband and when he was released from prison he did just that. Nate Jackson who actually pulled the trigger told police that Donna Roberts had nothing to do […]

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Christina Walters north carolina death row

Christina Walters Women On Death Row

Christina Walters was a gang leader when she was convicted of two murders and an attempted murder. According to court documents Christina Walters was taking part in a gang initiation where the victims was chosen at random. One of the victims would survive the brutal attack and be able to testify against Walters and the […]

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Carlette Parker north carolina

Carlette Parker Women On Death Row

Carlette Parker is on death row for a brutal robbery and murder in North Carolina. According to court documents Carlette Parker was suppose to be taking care of an elderly woman but somewhere along the way she decided to take everything the man had. Carlette Parker would gain access to the man’s bank account and […]

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Blanche Taylor Moore Women On Death Row

Blanche Taylor Moore is a black widow whose partners have died in mysterious ways over the years. Blanche Taylor Moore was arrested and convicted on the death of her boyfriend who died from arsenic poisoning but she is also of suspected of murdering her first husband, his mother and the attempted murder of her second […]

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Lisa Jo Chamberlin

Lisa Jo Chamberlin Women On Death Row

Lisa Jo Chamberlin is sitting on Mississippi death row for the murders of two people. According to court documents Lisa Jo Chamberlin and her boyfriend Roger Gillett were manufacturing meth and believed that the female victim was going to tell the police about their drug dealing ways decided to kill her. When they arrived at […]

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Antoinette Frank

Antoinette Frank Women On Death Row

Antoinette Frank use to be a police officer in New Orleans and now she sits on Louisiana death row for multiple murders. According to court documents Antoinette Frank abused her power when she took part in an armed robbery that left three people dead including a fellow police officer. Antoinette Frank would be arrested and […]

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Virginia Caudill

Virginia Caudill Women On Death Row

Virginia Caudill is the only woman on Kentucky Death Row for a brutal robbery and murder of an elderly lady. According to court documents Virginia Caudill and Johnathan Goforth would enter the home of the elderly victim and would viciously beat the woman to death before stealing her belongings. Virginia Caudill would be arrested, convicted […]

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