Women On Death Row

Women On Death Row – Includes all women who have been sentenced to death in the United State.  Videos and Photos

Robin Lee Row

Robin Lee Row Women On Death Row

Robin Lee Row has the honour of being the only women on Idaho’s death row. Robin Lee Row who decided to torch the home of her ex husband killing him and their two children. According to authorities before she set the fire Robin Lee Row had taken out large insurance policies on her husband and […]

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tiffany moss georgia death row

Tiffany Moss Women On Death Row

Tiffany Moss was sentenced to death in Georgia for the starvation death of a ten year old girl. According to court documents when the girls remains were weighed she weighed in just over thirty pounds. Tiffany Moss husband would help her to dispose of the child’s body and would later plead guilty to stay off […]

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tiffany cole women on death row

Tiffany Cole Women On Death Row

Tiffany Cole is currently on Florida death row for the murders of her elderly neighbours. According to court documents Tiffany Cole and her then boyfriend Michael Jackson along with two other men planned to kidnap and rob the elderly couple before murdering them. The group predug a grave in Georgia two days before the double […]

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Tina Lasonya Brown

Tina Lasonya Brown Women On Death Row

Tina Lasonya Brown is currently on Florida death row for the murder of a young woman. According to court documents Tina Lasonya Brown and the victim were involved in an argument that quickly turned deadly. The victim was hit with a stun gun and a crowbar before being kidnapped and brought to a wooded area […]

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Margaret Allen Florida Death Row

Margaret Allen Women On Death Row

Margaret Allen is currently on Florida death row for the murder of her housekeeper. According to court documents Margaret Allen suspected the woman of stealing from her and instead of firing the woman she proceeded to murder her after torturing the woman for hours. Margaret Allen was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death in Florida […]

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Manling Tsang Williams

Manling Tsang Williams Women On Death Row

Manling Tsang Williams in one night managed to kill her entire family and for it she will now sit on California death row for decades to come. According to court documents Manling Tsang Williams would fatally stab her husband with a samurai sword before smothering her two small children. Manling Tsang Williams apparently murdered her […]

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Cathy Lynn Sarinana

Cathy Lynn Sarinana Women On Death Row

Cathy Lynn Sarinana and her husband Raul Sarinana are evil people who should have never been let around children. According to police documents Cathy Lynn Sarinana and her husband are responsible for two deaths, both young boys. The pair were suppose to be looking after a pair of nephews but one of the nephews would […]

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Brooke Marie Rottiers

Brooke Marie Rottiers Women On Death Row

Brooke Marie Rottiers was convicted of a murder that would end up with her taking up residence on California death row. According to court documents Brooke Marie Rottiers and two others would convince two men to go to their hotel room where they were brutally murdered and robbed. Brooke Rottiers who was working as a […]

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Tanya Jaime Nelson Women On Death Row

Tanya Jaime Nelson went to a fortune teller in California and when her fortune did not come true she would murder the woman and her daughter. According to court documents Nelson was in California and went to the fortune teller to find out if her business would succeed if she relocated her business from North […]

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