Celebrities Convicted Of Murder

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celebrity convicted of murder

Now there have been countless celebrities who have been arrested for drunk driving or for sending bribes to get their kids into a good school however this list is all about celebrities who were convicted of murder. There is a mix on this particular list of athletes, musicians and of course Hollywood actors who appeared on this list. For some they will spend the rest of their lives in prison and for a few they will see a release date or have already been released. Already lets look at ten Celebrities who were convicted of murder.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius
convicted of murder

Oscar Pistorius should have been a uplifting story about how a man overcame his disabilities to compete in the Olympics and it was on that path until after the Olympics were over and he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. According to Oscar Pistorius he thought someone had broken into his South African home and was hiding in the bathroom when he shot through the door killing Reeva Steenkamp, needless to say no one bought this story and he was convicted and would be sentenced to over thirteen years in prison.

Phil Spector

phil spector convicted of murder

Phil Spector even though he resembles a hobbit in the above mugshot photo was at one time a massive music producer who everyone went to in order to put out the best albums. Phil Spector spiral downhill happened in 2003 when actress Lana Clarkson was shot and killed inside of Spector’s mansion. Spector would tell police that Lana Clarkson had committed suicide. However after a lengthy investigation Phil would be charged with her murder and the first trial in 2007 would end in a hung jury. In 2009 however Phil Spector would be tried and convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to nineteen years to life in California State Prison.

Michael Jace

michael jace convicted of murder

Michael Jace had a pretty good gig in Hollywood until he was arrested for the murder of his wife April Jace. The actor who is best known for his role as a police officer on The Shield was arrested after calling 911 and telling the operator he shot his wife during a domestic dispute. Michael Jace would end up being convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to forty years to life in California State Prison

Rae Carruth

rae carruth convicted of murder

Rae Carruth was a promising wide receiver for the NFL Carolina Panthers when he would be arrested for the murder of his girlfriend in 1999. According to court documents Rae Carruth did not want to pay child support on the new baby that was coming as his ex girlfriend was pregnant so Rae arranged for the woman to be murdered. A vehicle would drive by Cherica Adams and would open fire striking the woman Rae Carruth was immediately arrested and posted a three million dollar bail under the conditions if Cherica died he would turn himself in. Cherica Adams would pass and Rae Carruth was nowhere to be found. Carruth would be found days later in Tennessee hiding in the trunk of a car. Rae Carruth would ultimately be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and would be sentenced to 18 to 24 years in prison. Rae Carruth was released in 2018

Tay K aka Taymor McIntyre

taymor mcintyre tay k convicted of murder

Tay K whose real name is Taymor McIntyre was an up and coming rapper who threw it all away over nothing. The rapper was just convicted of setting up the murder of a young man who was killed during a violent home invasion. For these crimes Tay K would be sentenced to fifty five years in Texas State Prison however that is just the beginning. When Tay K was on the run to avoid arrest he allegedly murdered another man and will face capital murder charges in the near future.

Joe Son

joe son austin powers convicted of murder

Joe Son is legitimately a scary guy. Joe Son who is best known for his appearance in the Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery was arrested for of all things vandalism and given sixty days in jail however he also had to give a DNA sample which would then connect him to a violent rape and torture that happened years before. Joe Son would be sentenced to seven years to life however a couple of years later Joe would murder his cellmate who was a registered sex offender and would receive another twenty seven year sentence on top of his original prison bid.

Eric Naposki

Eric Naposki
convicted of murder

Eric Naposki is a former NFL linebacker who spent over a decade playing in the NFL. In 2009 Eric Naposki would be arrested for the murder of his girlfriends ex husband who was murdered in 1994, while Naposki was still in the NFL. According to court documents Eric Naposki would shoot and kill the victim so that his girlfriend at the time could collect the insurance money. Eric Naposki would be found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. The girlfriend Nanette Johnson would be convicted as well and received the same sentence.


c murder corey miller convicted of murder

C Murder whose real name is Corey Miller is the brother of Master P and was carving out his own niche when he was arrested for murder. According to court documents C Murder was responsible for the beating and shooting of a fan outside of a nightclub in Harvey Louisiana. The first trial in 2003 would be a conviction but it was later thrown out due to allegations the prosecutors mistreated the witnesses. C Murder would remain on bond while the retrial worked its way through the courts. In 2009 C Murder would plead guilty to two counts of attempted murder and would receive a ten year prison sentence (this is not related to the initial murder charge. Later that same year C Murder would go on trial again for the murder and would be convicted and sentenced to life in prison. There have since been a number of witnesses who have come forward and recanted their testimony and Corey Miller has been fighting to get back to court for a retrial.

Lloyd Avery Jr

lloyd avery jr photos

Lloyd Avery Jr was a young actor whose career was on an upward track until he started to bring the characters he played on the big screen into the real world. Lloyd Avery is best known for his role in the classic movie Boyz N The Hood where the character he played would murder one of the main characters in the movie, Ricky. In real life Lloyd Avery came from a good home and went to a good school but for whatever the reason he started to carry a gun and soon would be arrested and convicted for two counts of murder. Now Lloyd Avery would end up in Pelican Bay with a nightmare of a cellmate, Kevin Roby, who would murder the actor in a devil worshipping ceremony and kept his body hidden from guards for days.

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