Charles Rhines Execution November 2019

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Charles Rhines Execution November 2019 1

Charles Rhines is set to be executed by the State of South Dakota for a murder that took place in 1992. According to court documents Charles went into a doughnut store in order to rob it and ended up stabbing to death a customer who tried to intervene. Rhines who would attend the funeral and speak to those who were dealing with the loss was not arrested until months after the murder. Apparently Charles also told his roommates about his role in the murder and threatened them if they would ever go to the police. Charles Rhines would be eventually arrested, convicted of the murder and robbery and sentenced to death. There has been much made that the only reason Rhines was sentenced to death was because of his sexual orientation. Charles Rhines has been executed, November 4 2019

Charles Rhines Other News

The Supreme Court of the United States has ordered Charles Rhines’ execution to move forward.

The high court declined to hear the three cases in front of them.

All three cases were reviewed by Justice Neil Gorsuch and then referred to the full court.

In one of the cases, Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a statement agreeing with the decision of the court.

“I write separately, however, to note that this Court’s denial of certiorari does not represent an endorsement of the lower courts’ opinions,” Sotomayor wrote. “I also write separately to emphasize that clemency is not ‘a matter of mercy alone,’ but rather is the ‘fail safe’ in our criminal justice system.’ By closing the prison doors in this context, a State risks rendering this fundamental process an empty ritual.”

South Dakota’s AG office confirms: “at this time there are no court orders to delay or stay the Rhines execution.”

Rhines was scheduled to be executed on Monday at 1:30 p.m.

DOC officials expect the execution to move forward momentarily.

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