Christina Marie Riggs Women Executed In The US

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Christina Marie Riggs Christina Riggs photos
Christina Riggs Photos

Christina Marie Riggs was executed by the State of Arkansas for the murders of her two children.

According to court documents Riggs decided to take her own life and did not want her two young children to be separated following her death so she decided the best option was to murder them.

Christina Marie Riggs would give each of the small children a bit of poison after she had sedated them however that method did not work and it just caused the young boy to feel pain.

Christina Marie Riggs moved on to her next method which proved to be fatal by smothering each of the small children. She would then cover each of the children with a blanket and wrote a suicide note before taking a mass overdose of medication to cause her own death. However she would survive.

Riggs mother would find her laying on the floor and notified authorities.

Christina Marie Riggs lawyers tried to put up a defence that she was mentally ill dealing with depression and anxiety when she committed the double murders and her attempted suicide should have been evident of that however she would be convicted of the two murders and ironically sentenced to death which is what she wanted

Christina Marie Riggs refused to fight her death sentence and within two years of her trial she would be executed by lethal injection on May 2, 2000 using the same drug she attempted to use on her children

Christina Marie Riggs Videos

Christina Riggs Videos

Christina Marie Riggs Other News

The record reveals that at the time of the murders of her children Christina Riggs was a licensed practical nurse at the Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock. On the last day of her work at the hospital which was November 4, 1997, she obtained Elavil, which is an antidepressant.   She also obtained morphine and potassium chloride.

She returned to her residence in Sherwood, and that night at about ten o’clock, she gave Elavil to her children to make them sleep.   After they fell asleep, Christina injected Justin with potassium chloride.   When he woke up crying in pain, she injected him with morphine.   When that did not quiet him, she smothered him with a pillow.   According to Riggs, Justin fought back as she smothered him.

After her experience with Justin and the potassium chloride, she decided to smother Shelby with a pillow, which she did.   Christina told police that Shelby only fought “a little bit.”   Following the murders, she moved the bodies of the dead children into her bedroom and placed them together in her bed.   She wrote suicide notes to her mother, Carol Thomas;  her sister, Roseanna Pickett;  and a former husband, John Riggs.   She next took a considerable dosage of Elavil and injected herself with potassium chloride.   The drugs caused her to pass out on her bedroom floor.   This was estimated to have occurred at approximately ten-thirty p.m. that same night.

The following day, which was November 5, 1997, Riggs’s mother attempted to locate her and came to her house in Sherwood at about four o’clock in the afternoon.   She found the bodies of the two children and her unconscious daughter.   She called 911, and paramedics arrived on the scene.   The paramedics eventually took Christina Riggs to Baptist Memorial Hospital in North Little Rock at about five-thirty p.m., where her stomach was pumped and she was stabilized.

Meanwhile, the Sherwood police conducted a search of Christina Riggs’s home, where they found the suicide notes, the bottle of Elavil, the morphine, potassium chloride, and the used syringes.   Back at the hospital, Riggs’s family members had arrived, including her mother and sisters, and they asked to see her.   The Sherwood Police Department had instructed police officers and hospital staff not to permit her to talk to or see her family.   Shortly after midnight, Riggs’s family retained an attorney to represent her.   The attorney contacted the Sherwood Police Department and told police officers not to speak to Riggs without his being present.

Christina Riggs Vs State

Christina Marie Riggs Photos

christina riggs photos
Christina Riggs Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Christina Marie Riggs Executed

    Christina Marie Riggs was executed by lethal injection on May 2 2000

  2. Why Was Christina Marie Riggs Executed

    Christina Marie Riggs was executed for the murders of her two children

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