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Christine Falling photos serial killer

Christine Falling is the serial killer that you have never heard about however she would be convicted of three murders and believed to be responsible for even more. Falling who was born Christine Slaughter would be forced to marry a man who was six years older when she was just fourteen, the marriage ended in under two months. Christine who was hospitalised over fifty times for mental health issues would start babysitting when she was seventeen years old and the murders would soon follow.

The first believed to be murder was a two year old girl who Falling said fell out of her crib and fractured her skull, the doctor who examined the child told police to investigate her but that never happened. The second child who would die was a four year old who doctors initially thought died from inflammation of the heart however their were others who believed she was responsible, ironically Falling would be asked to babysit the four year old cousin who would die within hours after meeting Christine though doctors would claim it was a viral infection

Needless to say parents did not want Falling near their children so she moved to a different part of Florida. Christine began to work in a retirement home and when she began to care for an elderly man he would die the same day. The same year Falling half sister would die in her care though the cause of death was listed as SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

The last child to die was a ten week old boy who died mysteriously however during his autopsy doctors listed internal injuries that could only be caused by suffocation. Christine Falling was finally arrested she confessed to three of the murders telling police the voices in her head told her to Kill The Baby.

Due to the confession prosecutors could not seek the death penalty, though her mental health would have probably prevented any jury to sentence her to die. Instead she was sentenced to life imprisonment. Falling had a parole hearing in 2017 which was quickly denied and her next is scheduled for 2024

Christine Falling 2019 Information

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DC Number:151110
Birth Date:03/12/1963
Initial Receipt Date:12/06/1982
Current Facility:HOMESTEAD C.I.
Current Custody:CLOSE
Current Release Date:SENTENCED TO LIFE

Christine Falling Other News

 Longtime locals might remember the case of a babysitter in Blountstown who confessed to killing children.

After serving 25 years, she’s now eligible for parole.

But the woman dubbed the “Killer Babysitter” is staying behind bars.

Christine Falling was just 19 years old when she pleaded guilty to killing three children. In exchange, the state didn’t pursue charges for two other kids who died in her care, and it didn’t seek the death penalty.

The charges may never have been filed if she hadn’t confessed.

“I choked her ’til she quit breathing and she’d turned purple,” Falling said.

As a child, Falling reportedly strangled or dropped cats from high places to test their nine lives. Her stepfather Jesse Falling, who adopted her at age four, was bewildered.

“Because she was a lover of children. I still say that,” he said.

Falling also later confessed to killing a 70 year old man her first day on the job as his housekeeper.

By law, Falling remains eligible for parole, but prosecutors told the review panel that the so-called babysitter from Hell deserved no mercy.

“This woman killed five babies from age two months to four years old. She says she just did it the way she saw on TV. She says she doesn’t know why she did it. Sometimes they cried and they made her mad. One time she just felt the urge,” said Joy Powell, an assistant state attorney in Perry.

No one showed up on Falling’s behalf at her parole hearing Wednesday.

The panel showed no mercy. Christine Falling’s presumptive release date is 2254, likely long after she dies.

Falling gets another hearing in seven years, but the question asked across the county in the wake of the deaths, “Can you trust your babysitter?,” is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

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