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David Biro was sixteen years old when he would murder his neighbors in Illinois. According to court documents David Biro would be sent to a mental health hospital after he attempted to murder his father with poison. However soon after his release this teen killer would break into the home of a neighbor couple killing the man and his wife along with their unborn child. This teen killer attempted to get off using the insanity defense however in the end would be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison

David Biro 2021 Information

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Offender Status:IN CUSTODY
Admission Date:12/27/1991
Last Paroled Date:
Projected Discharge Date:INELIGIBLE

David Biro More News

An advocate for victims of violent crime wants to intervene in a lawsuit filed last week that could potentially free thousands of Illinois prisoners at risk of contracting the coronavirus behind bars.

U.S. District Judge Robert Dow is poised to rule in the next few days on a request to release some of those prisoners. But Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins is hoping to assert the rights of crime victims like herself into that process.

“Victims have a constitutional right to be notified and heard in any consideration of early release,” Bishop-Jenkins told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bishop-Jenkins’ motion to intervene did not appear on the public docket for the lawsuit until Thursday, but a stamp on the document notes it was actually filed April 3. That’s one day after the proposed class-action lawsuit was filed by 10 Illinois prisoners.

The lawsuit seeks relief for prisoners falling into six categories. Lawyers have estimated that roughly 13,000 of them could wind up having their cases reviewed if the legal challenge is successful. The prisoners named as plaintiffs are serving sentences for crimes ranging from murder to drug offenses, records show.

Bishop-Jenkins’ sister, brother-in-law and their unborn child were murdered 30 years ago this week, on April 7, 1990. Richard Langert and his pregnant wife, Nancy, were found shot to death in their town house in Winnetka. David Biro, then a 17-year-old New Trier High School student, was arrested later that year and convicted of their murders in 1991.

Biro is still serving a life sentence, according to defense attorney Thomas Brandstrader. Though the U.S. Supreme Court once labeled mandatory life sentences “cruel and unusual” when issued to convicts who were children when they committed their crimes, a judge later found Biro’s sentence for the death of the unborn child “discretionary.”

Records show Biro is being held at the Pontiac Correctional Center. Meanwhile, Bishop-Jenkins became a high-profile advocate for violent crime victims.

Bishop-Jenkins pointed to Biro while seeking to intervene in the federal lawsuit, writing that it wasn’t clear if he had a medical condition that would lead to his release. Brandstrader told the Sun-Times he was not aware of any effort by Biro to participate in the lawsuit.

“I don’t think David believes it’d be an appropriate thing to do at this time,” Brandstrader said.

Still, Bishop-Jenkins wrote in her motion that violent crime victims “should receive timely notice of the proceedings in this case and allowed to assert their constitutional and statutory rights and to be heard.” She filed the motion without an attorney.

Speaking to the Sun-Times, Bishop-Jenkins pointed to the state constitution, which lists among crime-victim rights “the right to be notified of the conviction, the sentence, the imprisonment, and the release of the accused.”

“They have to be given an opportunity to be heard and object,” Bishop-Jenkins said.


David Biro Other News

David Biro, the Winnetka teen convicted last month of killing Richard and Nancy Langert in their townhouse in the North Shore suburb, was sentenced Friday to spend his life in prison for the murders.

Seated comfortably, his fingers laced together and smiling occasionally as he spoke to his defense attorneys as the hearing progressed, Biro, 18, kept secret any motive he might have had for taking their lives, a factor that bothered Nancy Langert`s family.

”I think we all wished that part of his sentence would be that he sit down with us and tell us why. How could you do this?” said Jeanne Bishop, Nancy Langert`s sister. That he did not, she said, ”is part of our life sentence, I suppose.”Biro was convicted of the murders by a Cook County Circuit Court jury that deliberated only two hours. He was not eligible for the death penalty because he was 16 at the time of the slayings.

His defense attorneys, Robert Gevirtz and Dennis Born, said Biro had said nothing because he still maintains he is innocent. And although Biro outwardly received the sentence calmly, Gevirtz said, Biro was shaken by the prospect of never again being free.

”He`s devastated,” Gevirtz said. ”How would anyone feel if they were going to prison for life?”

The mysterious Langert killings knocked Winnetka, a tony suburb, back into headlines that it had last garnered when Laurie Dann, a mentally troubled woman, went on a shooting rampage at a grade school, eventually killing a child and injuring six other people in 1988.

Biro had kept news stories written about Dann in a scrapbook in his third-floor bedroom, according to prosecutors Patrick O`Brien and Scott Nelson.

Richard Langert had been shot once in the back of the head and Nancy Langert, who was three months` pregnant, was shot in the abdomen and in the back in the basement of their townhouse on April 7, 1990.

”It wasn`t a killing for profit. It wasn`t a killing because of any threatened action by the decedents,” said Judge Shelvin Singer as he tried to glean a motive for the killings before he announced his sentence.

”It was simply a cold-blooded killing. He wanted to kill apparently to achieve some sort of infamy from that killing-some sort of notoriety for that killing,” Singer said.

Biro was arrested on Oct. 5, 1990, after a New Trier High School classmate told Winnetka police that Biro had described killing the Langerts and had shown him the murder weapon.

Biro had told his friend, Phu Hoang, that he had cut glass panes out of the Langerts` patio doors, entered and waited in the townhouse for the couple to return home. When they did, Hoang testified that Biro said they begged for their lives and Nancy Langert had pleaded for the life of her baby.

Hoang testified that Biro told him he accidentally fired a shot when he was surprised by a dog`s barking. He said Biro told him he offered to lock the Langerts in the basement and leave. But as Nancy Langert went downstairs, she saw Biro`s face and Biro knew he had to kill them, Hoang testified.

Biro never said why he had chosen the Langerts, and no one ever proved they had met, although Biro`s parents and the Bishop family had been friends. Biro testified he attended Nancy Langert`s funeral.

In his own testimony, Biro admitted he had told Hoang and others details of the killing, but he said Hoang had been the only one who didn`t realize he was joking.

Police found the murder weapon, a pair of glass cutters and two sets of handcuffs, similar to those found on one of Richard Langert`s wrists, in Biro`s bedroom. Police also found a shoulder holster, ammunition and computer equipment Biro admitted he had stolen from New Trier High.

Several jurors said they based their verdict on the implausibility of Biro`s testimony of how the murder weapon came into his possession.

Although Biro admitted stealing the handgun from his former attorney`s office, he said he had given the gun to a classmate to sell. Instead, Biro testified, the classmate returned the gun to him the night of the killings and asked Biro to hide it because he had just used it to kill two people.

Biro`s defense attorneys said they will appeal the sentence.


  1. David Biro Release Date

    David Biro was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole

  2. Why Is David Biro In Prison

    David Biro was convicted of the murders of his neighbors in 1990

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