Dawnta Harris Teen Killer Murders Police Officer In Maryland

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Dawnta Harris was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a police officer in Baltimore. According to court documents Dawnta along with three other teens were burglarising a home and were leaving when the police officer showed up at the scene. Dawnta who was behind the wheel of the car would drive forward, striking and killing the police officer. This teen killer would be convicted and sentenced to the max penalty of life in prison. Dawnta would plead with the court for mercy stating that he never intended to kill the officer he just wanted to get away however the murder of a police officer is taken very seriously by the court of law.

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A Baltimore teen hung his head and sobbed inside a courtroom Wednesday (Aug. 21) after a judge handed down a life sentence for the May 2018 death of an officer.

Dawnta Harris, 17, from West Baltimore, reportedly asked the judge for a second chance. Although he didn’t speak in court, his defense attorney, Warren Brown, read the boy’s six-page letter out loud.

“Show me mercy,” he begged

Harris, along with three other teens, reportedly were burglarizing homes in Perry Hall. Harris stole a Jeep Wrangler and was in the vehicle when officer Amy Caprio approached. Harris stepped on the gas and ran over the 29-year-old cop.

“I didn’t want to harm Officer Caprio at all; I just wanted to get away,” Harris wrote. “From the bottom of my heart, I thought she was going to move.”

Brown tried to convince Circuit Judge Jan Marshall Alexander to sentence the teen to 30 years for murdering Caprio, and asked he take into account his rough upbringing. However, speaking to reporters afterward he said he wasn’t surprised by the ruling. “It wasn’t unexpected. The judge was under a lot of pressure.”

Caprio had been sent to investigate a suspicious Jeep when she spotted the teen. She blocked his way out with her patrol car, jumped out and ordered him to stop. As the jeep sped toward her, The Baltimore Sun reports Caprio drew her gun and yelled “Stop! Stop!”

Bodycam footage showed Dawnta stopped the jeep and opened the driver door slightly as if to surrender, only to get back inside, slam on the breaks and run over Caprio. Dawnta got rid of the jeep nearby and was found walking when he was arrested.

During a 14-hour interview with investigators, Dawnta admitted he panicked. “Once I saw the gun, I put my head down and closed my eyes,” he told them. “It was like five seconds before I pushed on the gas.”

Caprio died from broken ribs, and crushing injuries to her internal organs. She was found bleeding with tire marks on her legs.

Brown said he will appeal the ruling.

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The 17-year-old who was convicted of felony murder in the 2018 death of a Baltimore County police officer was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday, his attorney said. Dawnta Harris admitted to police that he fatally struck Officer Amy Caprio with a Jeep Wrangler in May 2018 when he was 16. The officer was trying to get the teenager to get out of the vehicle

His attorney, Warren A. Brown, told CNN he had asked for a 30-year sentence for Harris, but the case was “pretty gruesome” and widely publicized.”The judge was under a lot of scrutiny,” Brown told CNN.

Brown said he thinks the judge was fair because the guidelines for felony murder call for a life sentence.Caprio was investigating a report of a possible burglary when she asked Harris to get out of the Jeep. The driver instead ran her over, police said after Harris was arrested.Harris admitted to police that he was waiting in the driver’s seat of the Jeep as associates were committing a burglary, according to court documents.

Harris’ lawyers read a statement from him in court Wednesday, CNN affiliate WBAL reported.”I’m saddened and heartbroken about what happened,” the statement said, according to WBAL. “I didn’t mean to hurt her. I just wanted to go home. It was a serious accident. I’m seeking forgiveness a second chance.”Caprio’s husband said she was selfless and the best person he knew, according to WBAL.”There’s no winners in this case,” Tim Caprio said. “I think everybody has been affected in some way, probably most negative.”


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