Dean Corll Serial Killer – The Candy Man Killer

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Dean Corll along with two teenage accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Henley Jr were responsible for what was called the Houston Mass Murders between 1970 to 1973.

Dean Corll would briefly serve in the military before receiving an honorable discharge.  Corll was known as the Candy Man as his family ran a candy factory and he would frequently hand out candy to the local children.

Dean Corll met David Brooks when Brooks was just twelve years old and soon after a sexual relationship began between the two of them with Corll given the young teen money and gifts

Soon the family candy factory would close and Dean Corll would start working as an electrician for a Houston Texas company

In 1970 Dean Corll would kill a male hitchhiker who was trying to get back to his family home.  Corll gave him a ride and he was not seen again until three years later when David Brooks would show police where the body was located

Dean Corll would abduct two young male teenagers and was interrupted in their torture by David Brooks who was promised a car if he kept the murders quiet.  Corrll would then offer Brooks money if he brought the victims to him

David Brooks would lead two young males back to Corll home where they were raped and tortured by both men.

Six weeks later Brooks and Corll picked up two teenage brothers who were walking home and eventually convinced the boys to get into their van.  The two brothers would be sexually assaulted before being murdered.  Over the next few months Corll killed three more young men

David Brooks would bring yet another victim back to Dean Corll who would be sexually assaulted and murdered.  Two more youths would be murdered over the upcoming months

In 1971 they were joined by Elmer Henly who many believed was an intended victim but soon joined the deadly trio. Dean Corll offered him the same $200 “finder fee” that he offered Brooks to bring in intended vicims,

The three would soon go on a tear and in the next year would convince seven people to come back to their residence where all would be tortured, sexually assaulted and murderd.

In 1973 the trio stopped killing for a six month period as Dean Corll was dealing with health issues and had briefly left the area.  When he returned the killings resumed at a frantic pace with eight young men losing their lives.  The last victim was a thirteen year old boy who would fall to the same fate as so many before him

Later the same year Henly would bring a young man and a young woman back to the home and Dean Corll was furious and told him that he had ruined everything.  The three teenagers would get drunk and would pass out.  When Henly woke up he found himself bound with ligatures.  Corll after noticing he woke up would drag him to the kitchen and threaten to murder the three teenagers.  Corll began attacking the threesome.  Somehow Henly convinced Corll to untie him and soon after he would fatally shoot Corll.  Henly freed the other two teenagers and they agreed to phone the police

When the police were on the way Henly told the others he had killed others in the past.  Once in custody Elmer Henly would confess and tell police how he, Dean Corll and David Brooks had abducted and murdered several young men over the last two year period.  Elmer Henly would lead police to a couple of the areas where bodies were buried

In the end Elmer Henly would be sentenced to six ninety nine year sentences.  David Brooks would receive multiple life sentences.  Both men are still in prison in Texas

Dean Corll Other News

THEY CALLED HIM THE CANDY MAN. The always-smiling Dean Corll was known for passing out sweets to kids in the Heights, where his family had a candy factory. But that smile was a mask, and behind it was one of the most brutal, calculating serial killers of the 20th century.

Between 1970 and 1973, Corll—with two teenaged accomplices, Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. and David Owen Brooks—lured teen boys and young men into his car with promises of rides, drugs, and partying. Corll then tortured, raped, and killed his victims inside his rent houses and apartments across Houston. The spree ended only after Henley fatally shot 33-year-old Corll during the attempted rape of a victim on August 8, 1973. When police arrived, 17-year-old Henley confessed to his role in at least 28 murders—including six slayings he’d committed—and led investigators to unmarked graves throughout the Houston area.

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dean corll photos

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