Dora Buenrostro Women On Death Row

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Dora Buenrostro photos
Dora Buenrostro Photos

Next on the list of women who should have never had children is Dora Buenrostro who is currently sitting on death row in California for the murders of her three children. According to court documents Dora would fatally stab all three of her children for reasons that have never been cleared. When police showed up to investigate the bloody crime scene she attempted to blame her estranged husband. The jury did not believe her and she was sentenced to death.

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Dora Buenrostro was resentenced to life without parole

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The mother of three young children found stabbed to death in Riverside County has been arrested on suspicion of killing them, and the children’s father, the original suspect in the case, has been released after providing an alibi, the authorities said on Friday.

The mother, Dora Buenrostro, 34, of San Jacinto, was booked for investigation of murder and is being held on $250,000 bail, said Sgt. Kevin Fitzpatrick of the San Jacinto Police Department.

“There were a number of inconsistencies in the mother’s story, and that’s what led investigators to arrest her,” Sergeant Fitzpatrick said.

Buenrostro ran into the police station about 6:30 A.M. on Thursday, saying her estranged husband had appeared at her apartment and she was afraid.

About 15 minutes later, the police found the bodies of the couple’s 9-year-old daughter, Susana, and 8-year-old son, Vincente, in the family’s apartment. A third child, 4-year-old Deidra, was found dead later on Thursday in an abandoned post office in the Lakeview section of Riverside County. No weapon was recovered at either scene, but all three children had been stabbed.

The father, Alejandro Buenrostro, 37, was stopped on Thursday in the Silver Lake district near downtown Los Angeles, 85 miles from where the bodies were found. He was returned to San Jacinto for questioning on Thursday evening but was released after investigators said he had established that he was not in the San Jacinto area when the children were killed.

Dora Buenrostro Photos

Dora Buenrostro 2019 Mugshot Photos
2019 mugshot photos

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Dora Buenrostro More News

The California Supreme Court last week unanimously reversed the death sentence for Dora Buenrostro, who was convicted of killing her three children, Susana, Vicente, and Deidra (ages nine, eight, and four, respectively) in 1994 in Riverside County. The Court did, however, affirm Buenrostro’s conviction.

The unanimous opinion, written by Justice Leondra Kruger, rejected a number of Buenrostro’s appeals, but found that a prospective juror was improperly excused based solely on her response on a jury questionnaire that “her strongly held views against the death penalty would make it difficult to vote for the death penalty.” The court said that her admission that it would be difficult “does not per se, prevent or substantially impair the performance of a juror’s duties” and therefore, “U.S. Supreme Court case law requires reversal of the death penalty.” The Court also vacated two of the three multiple-murder special circumstances Buenrostro was convicted of.

The Court’s order means Buenrostro will now get a new penalty trial.

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