Frances Newton Women Executed In The US

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Frances Newton Photos women executed in the US
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Frances Newton was executed by the State of Texas for the murders of her husband and two children.

Newton weeks before the murders would take out three life insurance policies on her husband, daughter and herself for 50,000 each. Newton allegedly forged her husband’s signature on one of the policies

On the day of the murder Frances would fatally shoot her husband, her seven year old son and her twenty one month old daughter. Frances would tell the police that someone forced their way into the home and fatally shot her family and she would continue to say this until she was executed.

There is proof that Frances husband was a drug dealer who did owe money to a number of suppliers and a relative of Newton claims he met someone in prison who bragged about murdering the family.

Newton execution was delayed for 120 days for further DNA tests however the results would not prove enough evidence to stop her execution again. She would be executed by lethal injection on September 14, 2005

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Frances Newton Videos

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In March 1987, Frances took out $50,000 life insurance policies on her 23-year-old husband, Adrian, and her 21-month old daughter, Farrah. A policy already existed for her 7-year-old son, Alton. At the time, the Newtons were having marital problems. Although they lived together, they were both dating other people.

On April 7, 1987, police were dispatched to their apartment complex on a report of a possible shooting. The deputy found the bodies Newton’s husband and two children, each shot to death with a .25 caliber handgun. Newton and her cousin were at the location when the deputy arrived.

Earlier in the evening, Frances took a blue bag out of her car and put it in an abandoned house which belonged to her parents. A homicide detective later recovered the bag, which containing a .25 automatic pistol. A ballistics expert established that the pistol was the murder weapon. Gunpowder residue was found on Newton’s skirt.

Frances Newton, the primary beneficiary on the insurance policies, made claims on the policies following the killings. Newton maintained her innocence throughout, blaming the killings on an unknown drug dealer who was owed money by her husband

Francis Newton Photos

Frances Newton photos
Frances Newton Photos

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Francis Newton Executed

    Francis Newton was executed on September 14, 2005 by lethal injection

  2. Why Was Francis Newton Executed

    Francis Newton was executed for the murders of her husband and two children

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