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harvey robinson serial killer teen killer

Harvey Robinson is both a teen killer and a serial killer. Harvey would murder his first victim when he was just seventeen years old when he would sexually assault and murder a nurses aide. Robinson would be arrested and sent to prison for eight months for an unrelated charge. When released from custody Harvey would go on to rape and murder two more women before he would be arrested. Due to the first murder taking place when he was seventeen he could not be sentenced to death however since the two took place after he was eighteen he would receive the death sentence. Harvey has been on death row in Pennsylvania since his trial in the 1990’s. Along with the three murders Robinson was charged and convicted of the sexual assault of a child and another woman.

Harvey Robinson 2019 Information

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Parole Number:303DL
Age: 44
Date of Birth: 12/06/1974
Height: 5′ 08″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: PHOENIX

Harvey Robinson Other News

For Joan Burghardt’s rape and murder, a Lehigh County jury sentenced serial killer Harvey Robinson to death.

That sentence was overturned on appeal, and Robinson, who was 17 when he killed Burghardt in 1992, was resentenced in 2001 to life in prison with no chance of parole.

With the 2012 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that automatic life sentences for juvenile killers are unconstitutional, Robinson’s attorney is arguing for a drastically shorter sentence — 10 to 20 years.

If a judge agrees, Robinson could be the first former juvenile murderer in Pennsylvania to get such a break.

“He would be the first person I’m aware of to get a sentence like that over the objection of the commonwealth,” Robinson’s defense attorney, Gavin Holihan, said after a hearing Thursday.

The break wouldn’t put Robinson, who murdered two women and a teenage girl in 1992 and 1993, back on the street because he is serving two life sentences.

Prosecutors say they will argue that a life sentence is still appropriate in the Burghardt case. Robinson, who raped five of his victims, including a 5-year-old girl who survived, will learn his fate after a hearing in November.

President Judge Edward D. Reibman heard arguments Thursday in preparation for resentencing.

Robinson did not speak during the brief hearing in the old Lehigh County Courthouse. Sporting long hair, a full beard and thick eyeglasses, he was seated in a wheelchair. Holihan said Robinson has a back injury.

No witnesses were called but both sides will be able to put people on the witness stand when Robinson is resentenced in November. That hearing is expected to last about three days, Senior Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey D. Burd said.

Robinson is among six former juvenile lifers awaiting resentencing in Lehigh County because of the high court’s ruling.

Burd told Reibman that life without parole is still on the table for Robinson, 41, even after the Supreme Court’s decision. The high court ruled that the punishment should only be given to “the rare offender whose crime reflects irreparable corruption.”

Burd said Robinson, whose victims included Charlotte Schmoyer, a 15-year-old Morning Call carrier, and Jessica Jean Fortney, a 47-year-old grandmother, meets that definition.

“Life without parole is still a viable option for Mr. Robinson,” Burd told the judge.

Burghardt, a 29-year-old nurse’s aide, was Robinson’s first victim. She was raped and bludgeoned in her east Allentown home in August 1992.

In June 1993, Robinson abducted Schmoyer from her newspaper route in east Allentown, raped and stabbed her. Her body was found with 22 stab wounds in woods near Mosser School in Allentown.

The next month, he raped and strangled Fortney in her Allentown home.

Another victim, Denise Sam-Cali, who was beaten and raped in her Allentown home shortly after Schmoyer’s killing, escaped alive.

Prosecutors said Robinson repeatedly returned to Sam-Cali’s house after the rape, intending to kill her so she could not identify him. A police officer watching the house exchanged gunfire with Robinson. The killer was tracked to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where he had sought treatment for his injuries.

Linked to the three killings by DNA evidence, Robinson was convicted in November 1994 and sentenced to death in all three cases. Just 19 at the time, he was thought to be one of the youngest serial killers in the nation’s history.

In June 2001, Reibman upheld Robinson’s murder convictions but threw out the death sentences in the Burghardt and Schmoyer killings, saying the trial judge had given improper sentencing instructions to the jury. Robinson was resentenced in those cases to life without parole.

No matter what the judge decides in the Burghardt case, Robinson will remain behind bars for the other killings, barring successful appeals.

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