Jacob Remaley Teen Killer Murders Mother And Brother

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Jacob Remaley was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his mother and brother in Pennsylvania. According to court documents Jacob Remaley would steal his fathers gun and fatally shoot his mother and then went to the room of his eight year old brother and fatally shot him. Jacob Remaley would phone 911 and tell the operator that his father had murdered his mother and brother. When arrested the teen killer would change his story and would admit to police he would have shot his father if he had not already left for work. Jacob Remaley would plead guilty to the murders but claimed he was mentally ill at the time. Jacob Remaley would be sentenced to two thirty years to life sentences that will be served concurrently

Jacob Remaley 2020 Information

Parole Number:QC3546
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 02/13/2002
Height: 5′ 11″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: GREENE

Jacob Remaley More News

Jacob Remaley on Tuesday simply said he was sorry.

Sorry for forever changing his family on the morning of Nov. 30, 2016, when, at age 14, he shot and killed his mother and younger brother in their New Stanton home.

“I know I am guilty,” Remaley, now 18, said as he pleaded guilty but mentally ill to two counts of first-degree murder.

Remaley’s father and a small group of relatives watched as he took responsibility for his actions. Westmoreland County Common Pleas Judge Christopher Feliciani then sentenced him to serve two concurrent prison terms of 30 years to life.

Given credit for time served, Remaley will be eligible for parole before his 45th birthday.

Remaley woke early on Nov. 30, 2016, after his father had left for work, police said. He retrieved a gun from atop a refrigerator and walked to his parents’ bedroom, where he shot his 46-year-old mother, Dana. He then moved to the bedroom of his brother, where he shot and killed 8-year-old Caleb.

Jacob Remaley, wearing a blue prison jumpsuit over his tall frame and sporting wispy facial hair, rarely spoke during Tuesday’s brief hearing, responding to most questions from the judge with a quick “yes” or “no.”

When asked whether he had anything else to say, Remaley responded, “Just that I am sorry.”

The judge said Remaley’s future is up to him.

“I am sure this is a sad day for you and your family, but you have taken responsibility for your actions,” Feliciani said. “Take advantage of all the programs offered, so when the day comes you are eligible for parole, you may be paroled.”

The plea of guilty but mentally ill means Remaley can be sent to a psychiatric treatment program within the state’s prison system. Once it is determined that treatment is no longer needed, he will serve out the rest of his sentence in prison, according to defense attorney Wayne McGrew.

District Attorney John Peck conceded that Remaley is in need of treatment.

“We have a significant mental health diagnosis, and there’s a real concern about the state of his mental health, even at this time,” Peck said.

He noted the emotional nature of the case but said the violence involved still required a long prison sentence.

“This was a clear case of a deliberate and intentional murder,” Peck said. “He got a gun and killed his mother so she couldn’t hear him kill his brother.”

Remaley is one of a number of local teens to have been charged with murder, including two involved in a fatal Latrobe robbery, a Jeannette teen convicted of killing a friend then sending out a picture of the victim over social media and a 17-year-old girl’s participation in a torture slaying of a mentally disabled woman in Greensburg.

“More and more, we are prosecuting juveniles for murder,” Peck lamented.

Remaley was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and, according to his doctors, he was under the influence of one he called “Wrath,” which ordered him to kill his mother and brother. Doctors said Remaley’s other personalities included that of a witch, an old man and a young girl.

McGrew said Remaley has been responding to treatment. While incarcerated in the youth offenders pod at the Allegheny County Jail, he attended school and, in the last two months, earned his high school diploma.

Remaley’s family members declined to comment following the hearing. They were allowed to meet in private with him for about 10 minutes in a jury room near the courtroom before Remaley was taken back to jail.

“My heart goes out to the family because they are very supportive of him, but they have to be conflicted at the same time,” McGrew said. “His dad has been beside him the entire way and understandably concerned about his health but understandably conflicted with what happened and what occurred.”


Jacob Remaley Other News

A western Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to two concurrent prison terms of 30 years to life in the slayings of his mother and younger brother more than three years ago when he was 14 years old.

It was early Wednesday morning Nov. 30 when Jacob Remaley grabbed an unloaded gun on top of the refrigerator inside his New Stanton home, loaded the weapon, walked into his mother’s room and shot the 46-year-old in the forehead.

He then walked to his 8-year-old brother’s room and fired a second fatal shot.

Remaley then called 911 claiming his father had killed his mother and brother. He later admitted he did it with his father’s gun adding he would have killed his father too if he had not already left for work.

Now 18 years old, Remaley apologized Tuesday in Westmoreland County Court as he pleaded guilty but mentally ill to the charges, saying “I know I am guilty.”

Public defender Wayne McGrew had said in October that Remaley would enter the plea after his 18th birthday since it would be easier to place him in a psychiatric institution as an adult.

If at some point psychiatric treatment is deemed no longer needed, the rest of his term will be served in a standard prison environment, he said.

The defense says Remaley has multiple personality disorder and one violent personality he called “Wrath” told him to commit the murders. Doctors say his other personalities include one of a witch, an old man and a young girl.

Because he has been credited with time served, Remaley will be eligible for parole before his 45th birthday. Judge Christopher Feliciani said the defendant’s future is now up to him.

“I am sure this is a sad day for you and your family but you have taken responsibility for your actions,” Feliciani said. “Take advantage of all the programs offered so when the day comes you are eligible for parole, you may be paroled.”

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