John Sexton Florida Death Row

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John Sexton Florida Death Row

John Sexton Florida Death Row

Pasco murder ‘sounds like a Stephen King novel’

Authorities say John Sexton, who did yard work for Parlato, murdered and
mutilated her in 2010, turning her home into the most horrific crime
scene that Pasco deputies had seen in years. They have not suggested
what the motive might have been. But as Sexton’s trial for 1st-degree
murder began Tuesday, Assistant State Attorney Mike Halkitis said jurors
would have plenty of evidence to consider.

“This defendant consciously intended to kill,” Halkitis said, “and did
so.” The state is seeking the death penalty if Sexton, 49, is convicted.

Halkitis described how neighbors saw Sexton in a window of Parlato’s
home on the night of Sept. 22, 2010. He explained how the next day, a
friend found Parloto’s face beaten so badly it was unrecognizable.

“You’re going to hear a story that sounds like a Stephen King novel,” he said.

He talked about how Parlato never smoked, but cigarette butts were found
all around the home – even in the corner of a trash bag and the washing
machine. And knives were found in different places, too, Halkitis said.
One with some sort of sticky substance on it was found atop a piece of
antique furniture.

Finley said the crime scene showed there was a struggle and then an
attempt to clean up. Photos showed a toppled chair and pine cones that
spilled from a fallen basket. There was blood in the bathroom and on the
doors of the washer and dryer.

Sexton’s boots also had impact stains from Parlato’s blood, Finley said.

Defense attorney Stephen Fisher asked Finley how he knew the stains
didn’t happen earlier in the day. Finley said the stains from
accidentally cutting yourself are discernibly different from impact
stains in a violent attack.

The neighbors, Devilyn Saunders and David Carlin, testified that they
saw Sexton in the window of Parlato’s home on the night of the killing.
Saunders said she was asleep and heard a thud so loud it woke her up and
alarmed her dogs. They went outside but didn’t call deputies because
Parlato was a night owl.

But Carlin jotted down the license plate of Sexton’s truck, which was parked outside.

Dustin Anderson, another defense attorney, questioned whether the
evidence would prove his client was responsible, beyond a reasonable

“Look for contradictions in the evidence,” he told jurors. “At the end
of this case, I’m going to ask that you find a verdict of not guilty.”

John Sexton 2019 Information

john sexton 2019 photos
ID Photo
DC Number:U21898
Birth Date:06/25/1963
Initial Receipt Date:12/16/2013
Current Facility:UNION C.I.
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:PENDING
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