Lisa Ann Coleman Women Executed In The US

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Lisa Ann Coleman Women Executed in the US
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Lisa Ann Coleman was executed by the State of Texas for the starvation death of a nine year old boy

Lisa Ann Coleman who spent time in prison before the horrific murder for intent to deliver an illegal substance and burglary was involved in a relationship with the child’s mother

On the day of the murder someone from the home would call 911 to report that a child had stopped breathing. When ambulance attendants they were stunned

It became apparent that the child had been dead for hours, the nine year old boy only weighed thirty five pounds and was wearing bandages and a diaper. Lisa Coleman was quickly arrested and charged with multiple crimes including murder and felony child abuse

Upon closer examination of the child doctors would document over two hundred injuries including ligature marks on his wrists and ankles clear indication he had been restrained at length.

Prosecutors would find out the boy was removed earlier from the home after reports that Coleman was abusing him. The mother finally regained custody of the child but was told to keep Lisa Coleman out of the residence. Needless to say she did not listen.

Lisa Coleman would be convicted on all charges and sentenced to death. On September 17, 2014 she would be executed by lethal injection

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This case arises out of the death of nine-year-old Davontae Williams. On the morning of July 26, 2004, emergency services were summoned to Davontae’s home upon report of his “breathing difficulty.” Paramedic Troy Brooks arrived at the residence only minutes later to find Davontae “obviously dead,” inferring that Davontae had passed away several hours earlier. Davontae, Brooks testified, was clad only in bandages and a diaper, so “emaciated and underweight” that it was “shocking.” Brooks and another paramedic each believed that nine-year-old Davontae weighed only twenty-five pounds.1

Crime Scene Investigator Regina Taylor testified that Davontae had “numerous injuries throughout ․ his entire body,” including a disfigured ear, swollen hands, a slit in his lip, and “ligature marks around his wrists and ankles.”2 Pediatrician Nancy Kellogg identified over 250 wounds on his corpse. Dr. Konzelmann testified that injuries to Davontae’s hands, arms, and ankles were consistent with his having been bound repeatedly. Konzelmann initially believed that Davontae had “life-threatening blunt-force injuries, perhaps bleeding on the brain, broken bones, et cetera” that caused his death.

Ultimately, however, Dr. Konzelmann deemed the cause of Davontae’s death to be malnutrition with pneumonia. Dr. Peerwani, Chief Medical Examiner for Tarrant County, further testified that Davontae’s pneumonia resulted from his malnutrition. And although Davontae was born prematurely, Dr. Kellogg explained that Davontae previously had “a normal growth velocity;” a metabolic disease, she inferred, was not responsible for his malnutrition. According to the State of Texas, however, Lisa Coleman was.

Lisa Ann Coleman spent much of her time living with Marcella Williams, Davontae’s mother. Lisa and Marcella were involved romantically and had been for several years. In 1999, for example, Child Protective Services (CPS) removed Davontae from Marcella’s custody because Lisa was abusing him physically. CPS returned Davontae to Marcella on the condition that he “not be around Lisa Coleman.” Lisa nevertheless continued to interact with Davontae. Davontae’s sister Destinee testified that Lisa would tie up Davontae with an extension cord. Lisa denied use of an extension cord, but admitted that she and Marcella had tied up Davontae on “several occasions.”3

Lisa Ann Coleman further admitted to whipping Davontae with a belt, but claimed to have stopped doing so by March of 2004. She also admitted to causing Davontae’s lip injury when, after she hit and pushed him, he fell into a bar stool.4 But she denied knowledge of a golf club found in Marcella’s apartment—a club that almost certainly had Davontae’s blood on its head5 and that likely had Lisa’s DNA on its handle.6 And she denied locking Davontae in a pantry—one with a lock several feet off the ground and what appeared to be a pool of urine inside it.

Toward the end of his life, Davontae did receive some treatment. He appeared to have been given TheraFlu, Alka Seltzer, and NyQuil.7 The ointments, creams, and bandages placed on his body evinced an attempt to treat his wounds. And evidence suggests that he ingested chicken noodle soup, PediaSure, and Pedialyte prior to his death. But Dr. Konzelmann testified that the food he received was “inadequate [on the whole], too late, and possibly too much [for a malnourished person].”

Dr. Konzelmann also opined that “[t]he attempt to treat ․ is as much an attempt to prevent [Davontae] from coming to the attention of the physicians who would have reported” his condition. Lisa essentially acknowledged as much; according to a CPS investigator, she stated that “Marcella did not want to take [Davontae] to a doctor because she was afraid that once they saw the bruises and marks on him, that CPS would be called and ․ her children would be taken away.” She likewise admitted, according to a different CPS investigator, that “Marcella would tell people when they would ask where Davontae was that he was with her people [even though] he was actually in the apartment.”

Texas charged Lisa Ann Coleman with capital murder, a crime that includes murders committed intentionally “in the course of committing or attempting to commit kidnapping.”8 Lisa, the State argued, had at least aided and abetted Marcella in kidnapping Davontae in his own home: restraining him “with intent to prevent his liberation by ․ secreting or holding him in a place where he is not likely to be found.”9 After fifty-six minutes of deliberation, a unanimous jury found Lisa Ann Coleman guilty.

Lisa Coleman Vs State

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Lisa Coleman Photos Women executed in the USA
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Lisa Ann Coleman Executed

    Lisa Ann Coleman was executed by lethal injection on September 17, 2014

  2. Why Was Lisa Ann Coleman Executed

    Lisa Ann Coleman was executed for the murder of a child

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