Lois Nadean Smith Women Executed In The US

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Lois Nadean Smith Photos women executed in the USA
Lois Nadean Smith Photos

Lois Nadean Smith was executed for the murder of her son’s ex girlfriend.

Lois along with her son and another woman picked up the victim as she was walking along the road.

Smith had heard rumours that the ex girlfriend was trying to hire someone to kill her son. The victim completely denied this however Lois would begin to choke her and stabbed her in the throat.

They brought the victim to the home of her ex husband and put her into a recliner and taunted her with a gun. The victim would fall to the floor where Smith began jumping on her repeatedly before shooting her several times. An autopsy would showed the victim was shot nine times

Lois Nadean Smith would be quickly convicted and sentenced to death. She would be executed December 4, 2001. The third woman to be executed that year.

Lois Nadean Smith Videos

Lois Nadean Smith Videos

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The evidence shows that Lois Nadean Smith, her son Greg, and Teresa Baker [DeMoss] picked up Cindy Baillee at a Tahlequah motel early on the morning of July 4, 1982.   Baillee had been Greg’s girlfriend, but allegedly had made threats to have him killed.

As the group drove away from the motel, appellant confronted Ms. Baillee with rumors that she had arranged for Greg’s murder.   When Ms. Baillee denied making any threats or arrangements, appellant choked the victim and stabbed her in the throat with a knife found in the victim’s purse.   The car traveled to the home of Jim Smith, the appellant’s ex-husband and Greg’s father in Gans, Oklahoma.   Present at the house were Smith and his wife Robyn.  [Robyn] left shortly after the group arrived.

While at the Smith house, Lois forced Ms. Baillee to sit in a recliner chair.   She then threatened to kill Ms. Baillee, and taunted her with a pistol.   Finally, appellant fired a shot into the recliner, near Ms. Baillee’s head.   She then fired a series of shots at Ms. Baillee, and the wounded victim fell to the floor.

As Greg Smith reloaded the pistol, appellant laughed while jumping on the victim’s neck.   Lois took the pistol from Greg and fired four more bullets into the body.   A subsequent autopsy showed Ms. Baillee had been shot five times in the chest, twice in the head, and once in the back.   Five of these gunshot wounds were fatal.   The knife wound was also potentially fatal.

Smith v. State, 727 P.2d 1366, 1368 (Okla.Crim.App.1986) (Smith I), cert. denied, 483 U.S. 1033, 107 S.Ct. 3277, 97 L.Ed.2d 780 (1987).

Smith and her son Greg were charged in the District Court of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma with murder in the first degree.   Pursuant to defense counsel’s motion, the cases against Smith and her son were severed for purposes of trial.   Smith’s case proceeded to trial on December 6, 1982.   At the conclusion of the first-stage proceedings, the jury found Smith guilty of murder in the first degree.

At the conclusion of the second-stage proceedings, the jury found the existence of two aggravating factors:  (1) the murder was especially heinous, atrocious or cruel;  and (2) Smith knowingly created a great risk of death to more than one person, and fixed Smith’s sentence at death.   Lois Nadean Smith was formally sentenced by the state district court on December 29, 1982.

Lois Smith Vs State

Lois Nadean Smith Photos

Lois Nadean Smith James Gregory Smith Photos
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Lois Nadean Smith Executed

    Lois Nadean Smith was executed by lethal injection on December 4, 2001

  2. Why Was Lois Nadean Smith Executed

    Lois Nadean Smith was executed for the murder of her son's ex girlfriend

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