Marilyn Kay Plantz Women Executed In The US

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Marilyn Kay Plantz Photos women executed in the US
Marilyn Kay Plantz Photos

Marilyn Kay Plantz was executed by the State of Oklahoma for organising the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance.

Marilyn and her husband were married for several years before they moved to Oklahoma City. Soon after their arrival Marilyn began having an affair with another man and somewhere along the way she decided the best way to be with her new lover and to collect the insurance money to boot was to murder her husband

Plantz would recruit two teenagers: William Bryson and Clinton McKimble and told them how she wanted her husband murdered. On the night of the murder William Bryson and Clinton McKimble would wait inside of the home for the victim to return. Once inside he would be beat with baseball bats. The victim was thrown into a truck and driven to a remote location where the truck was then started on fire killing the victim

Clinton McKimble would be arrested and told police everything leading to Marilyn and William Bryson being arrested and ultimately convicted of murder and sentenced to death. William Bryson would be executed in June 2000.

Marilyn Kay Plantz would be executed by lethal injection on May 1, 2001

Marilyn Kay Plantz Videos

Marilyn Kay Plantz Videos

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Marilyn Kay Plantz and co-defendant Clifford Bryson were found guilty of the first degree murder of Appellant’s husband, James Plantz. On August 26, 1988, at approximately 4:00 a.m., Mr. Plantz, a long time employee at the Oklahoma Publishing Company, left his job and headed home. At that time Mr. Plantz was insured for approximately two hundred ninety-nine thousand dollars ($299,000.00). Marilyn was the beneficiary.

At approximately 5:15 a.m. that same morning, in the northeast part of Oklahoma City, the decedent’s charred body was discovered inside his burned out pickup truck. The driver’s side door was open. The decedent’s body was slumped behind the steering wheel and his left leg was outside the pickup, his foot resting flat on the ground. Identified by dental records, an autopsy later revealed that the decedent had died from a combination of a blunt force injury to the head and thermal injuries caused by the fire.

¶3 The ensuing investigation into the homicide lead to Appellant and Bryson. They had an ongoing personal relationship and had previously attempted to have the decedent killed. Marilyn Kay Plantz had indicated to Bryson the decedent was abusive to her and she wanted to get rid of him and collect on his life insurance policy. Appellant had approached Bryson and Clinton McKimble

¶4 Bryson subsequently offered Roderick Farris ($40,000.00) to kill the decedent. Terry Norman overheard Bryson say he had just talked to Appellant. She was upset because the decedent had physically assaulted her. When Farris asked why she just did not divorce the decedent, Bryson answered that she wanted to collect some money. Bryson indicated that if he had to kill the decedent by himself, he was going to catch the decedent coming home from work one morning, beat him with a baseball bat and set him on fire in his truck.

A week later, Farris again encountered Bryson and Marilyn at a local grocery store. Bryson offered Farris ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) to kill the decedent. He then introduced Farris to Appellant as “the one I was telling you about that would kill your husband.” Appellant told Farris it would have to look like an accident. Later that night Bryson, Farris, and McKimble met at the Plantz home where they ate hamburgers and listened to music while waiting for the decedent to come home from work. When Farris heard someone at the front door,

Appellant told him if it was the decedent to “take him out now”. Bryson picked up a hammer and McKimble a knife, but it was not the decedent. Later that night, Farris was arrested and jailed on an unrelated charge.

¶5 Two days later, Bryson and McKimble were again with Appellant. Bryson picked Plantz up from work, where she had just quit her job. Waiting for the decedent to go to work at 6:00 p.m., they drove around, going to a bank where Appellant withdrew money she subsequently spent on cocaine and beer. Arriving at the Plantz home later that evening. Appellant retired to her bedroom at approximately 10:30 p.m. Bryson and McKimble remained in the living room drinking beer and smoking cocaine until approximately 11:30 p.m., when they fell asleep. Hours later, hearing a key in the front door, they hid on opposite sides of the house.

The decedent entered the house whistling, a bag of groceries in his arms. Bryson struck first, hitting the decedent with the baseball bat. The decedent cried out for Plantz, but Bryson hit him again with McKimble soon joining in. The men repeatedly struck the decedent because “he would not stay down”. Finally, the decedent crumpled to the floor. As he lay moaning, Bryson and McKimble picked him up and took him outside, setting him beside his pickup truck. Plantz emerged from the house, handed the pickup keys to Bryson and commenced that the decedent’s “head was busted open” and that it was not going to look much like an accident. She told the men “to burn him.”

They placed him in the bed of his pickup and Bryson drove to a deserted location on the route the decedent would have taken to work. McKimble followed in Appellant’s car. The decedent was then placed in the cab of the pickup, behind the steering wheel. His body slumped over to the aside. McKimble placed a rag in the gas tank and lit it. It failed to catch on fire. Bryson then poured gasoline on the decedent and in the cab of the pickup. He threw a match in and the pickup caught on fire. As the men drove away, they turned around and saw the decedent raise up.

¶6 Bryson and McKimble returned to the Plantz home where Marilyn Kay Plantz was cleaning up the blood. McKimble helped clean the floor and while Appellant cleaned the baseball bats. She directed the men to exchange their bloody clothes for clothes belonging to the decedent. She placed their bloody clothes in a sack and told them to get rid of [876 P.2d 273] the sack.

The men soon left Marilyn Kay Plantz’s home, throwing the sack of bloody clothes in the river. After going to a convenience store where they purchased sandwiches and drinks with money from the decedent’s trousers, they went to a friends home, Michael Kendrick. Bryson and McKimble told Kendrick about killing the decedent. When asked about Appellant’s two children, Bryson said they were asleep in their rooms at the time of the murder. Bryson phoned Appellant, asking if she was all right. Kendrick overheard Bryson to say that they must stay close and that Marilyn had purchased a rug to cover up blood stains.

Marilyn Kay Platz Vs State

Marilyn Kay Platz Photos

marilyn kay plantz photos
Marilyn Kay Plantz

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Marilyn Kay Plantz Executed

    Marilyn Kay Plantz was executed on May 1, 2001 by lethal injection

  2. Why Was Marilyn Kay Plantz Executed

    Marilyn Kay Plantz was executed for arranging the murder of her husband in order to collect the insurance money

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