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Michael Parrish was sentenced to death by the State of Pennsylvania for the murders of his girlfriend Victoria Adams, 23, and their 18-month-old son Sidney Parrish. According to court documents Michael Parrish, who is a former corrections officer, would shoot and kill Victoria Adams and Sidney Parrish following an argument. Michael Parrish would be arrested, convicted and sentenced to death

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Michael Parrish 2021 Information

NameName Type

Parole Number: KN7509
Age: 35
Date of Birth: 11/19/1985
Race/Ethnicity: WHITE
Height: 5′ 07″
Gender: MALE
Citizenship: USA
Complexion: LIGHT
Current Location: PHOENIX

Permanent Location: PHOENIX
Committing County: MONROE

Michael Parrish More News

A former Monroe County prison guard expected to be sentenced today for killing his girlfriend and their 20-month-old son unexpectedly withdrew his guilty plea to first-degree murder charges saying he believes he can mount a defense because he has studied the law while in jail the last two years.

Michael J. Parrish, 25, has been in Monroe County jail since he was charged with killing his girlfriend, Victoria Adams, 21, and their 20-month-old son Sidney, a heart transplant recipient, during a jealous rage in their Chestnuthill Township home in July 2009.

As Monroe County President Judge Robert Vican accepted Parrish’s not guilty plea, the family of Victoria Adams openly wept in court.

After the court proceeding ended, Kimberly Adams said she was disappointed in the outcome.

“I was just hoping to get this over with already,” said Adams, who is Victoria’s mother and Sidney’s grandmother. “We need closure. Nobody can move on until this over.”

Parrish, who wore a long-sleeve T-shirt that covered his Nazi tattoos, had previously pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree murder telling Judge Vican, “I want to die because I committed these crimes.”

On Monday, he said he believes he is guilty of voluntary manslaughter — not first-degree murder — because the crimes were committed during the heat of passion.

Parrish allegedly shot Victoria Adams and their son July 6, 2009 after she returned home with three men after a night of partying while he was home watching their son.

In April, Parrish argued for the right to plead guilty to two counts of first-degree murder, telling the court he had formed the intent to kill after Adams returned home and before he started firing. He insisted the killings were premeditated.

Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine is seeking the death penalty in the case. Prior to Parrish withdrawing his guilty plea, Christine had said this was the first case he had encountered in which the defendant wanted to be put to death.

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