Nathaniel Berhow School Shooter Santa Clarita

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Nathaniel Berhow School Shooter photos

Santa Clarita School Shooting

There has been yet another school shooting, this time it was in Santa Clarita California and the reported gunman is sixteen year old Nathaniel Berhow. According to various news stations Nathaniel Berhow walked into Saugus High School and opened fire killing two classmates and injuring three more. The teen gunman would then shoot himself in the head, at the time of this writing he is in grave condition at a nearby hospital. Apparently Nathaniel Berhow who just turned sixteen years old today, November 14 2019, had recently lost his father who was reportedly an alcoholic and may be the reason behind the school shooting however investigators are interviewing his mother and girlfriends in hopes of finding the reason why behind this horrible event

Nathaniel Berhow died from his injuries

Nathaniel Berhow Other News

Nathaniel Berhow who pulled a gun out of his backpack and opened fire at his California high school, killing two classmates and injuring three others, before attempting suicide has been identified.

Nathaniel Berhow was taken into custody and rushed to hospital where he is in a grave condition after the deadly shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, about 40 miles from Los Angeles, on Thursday morning. 

Authorities said they responded to a torrent of 911 calls when the gunfire began at about 7.30am and they found all six students in a quad area within the school. 

Surveillance video captured the attacker pulling a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol from his backpack, firing at his five classmates and then shooting himself in the head with the final bullet. 

A 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy have died, while two girls, aged 14 and 15, and another 14-year-old boy were injured and remain in hospital.   

The gunman, who was initially mistaken for a victim, is also in hospital in a grave condition. 

Nathaniel Berhow’s mother, Mami Matasuura, said she was praying her son survived.

‘I don’t even know what to do right now, I am just praying for my son’s life,’ she said. 

Authorities are still investigating but a former friend said the 2017 death of Nathaniel Berhow’s father Mark Berhow could have triggered the shooting rampage.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva did not identify the gunman but said he was a student at the school and that he was celebrating his 16th birthday the day of the attack. 

The school was locked down and witness descriptions and surveillance footage identified the suspect within an hour of the shooting. No other suspects are currently being investigated.

Officers went to his home and his mother and girlfriend were at a local police station speaking with detectives.

Authorities said a search warrant was being obtained for the suspect’s home to collect possible evidence.  

‘At this point in time, we have no indication of motivation or ideology,’ said Paul Delacourt, the agent in charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles field office.  

A childhood friend of Berhow’s – who only identified himself by his first name to KTLA, described him as being quiet and introverted.

Ryan said he knew the suspect in middle school but that he didn’t really socialize.  

‘Over the years we stopped talking, there was a disconnect (between us),’ he said, adding he last spoke to the suspect about six years ago.

‘He was doing his own thing. It’s a shock to all of us.’

Ryan said Berhow’s father had died and speculated that his death might have triggered the violence. The friend claimed that Berhow’s father drank heavily and also made bullets. 

Asked if there were weapons in the home, Ryan said: ‘His dad used to make bullets, so I’d assume he had bullets and stuff like that.’  

He added that Berhow’s father was a ‘really nice man who was willing to help people’. 

Neighbors claimed Berhow’s father had a passion for guns but it is not clear if the teenager had access to weapons. 

Berhow’s father was believed to have been an avid hunter, according to social media and his 2017 obituary. 

He died in December 2017 of a heart attack, according to his obituary.  

The Berhow family’s next-door neighbor, Jared Axen, told KTLA that he had known the suspect since he was a baby and that his father used to go hunting, so firearms ‘weren’t a mystery to him.’

He also said he believed that Nathaniel Berhow was the one who found his father’s body at home when he died.

‘I can’t think of any red flags in our conversation, when he would think of handling his hurt in this manner. He grew up with his father who was a hunter, and this was a normal activity for him.

‘He grew up around firearms, it wasn’t a mystery, he knew how to use it and understood how it worked, he was responsible. He came off as a very responsible person.’

Axen said he had shared interests with Nathaniel Berhow, including air pistols and being in the Boy Scouts at different times.

A Saugus junior named Kayden said the 16-year-old shooting suspect was an athlete, running cross-country, and ‘didn’t talk much’.

He said he was shocked that his classmate has been identified as the suspect, saying he never would have expected him to do that.   

Students have since detailed how the sound of gunfire sent some running while others and staff followed recently practiced security procedures as the shooting unfolded. 

Some students and teachers armed themselves with scissors and even a fire extinguisher to use as a weapon if needed.   

The students inside a barricaded choir classroom were huddled in the dark minutes after shots rang out when one them said: ‘I think I got shot.’ 

Katie Holt, a fine arts teacher, had pushed the piano in the music room against the classroom door, two students in the room told Reuters afterward, and grabbed a fire extinguisher, presumably to use as a weapon. 

‘She turned off the lights… She locked all the doors. She pushed the piano to the door, totally barricading,’ said Eddie Mendoza, 17 in a phone interview, his voice still breaking from emotion and grief. 

Students outside fled in panic, while those inside ran to safety in classrooms, as they had been repeatedly drilled to do.

One of them was one of the gunman’s victims, Mendoza said.

‘I think I’m bleeding. I think I got shot,’ he recalled her saying. ‘It was just so hard hearing her say ‘I want my mom,’ it was heartbreaking,’ Mendoza said. 

Another student who identified herself only as Pamela said Holt retrieved a first aid kit that was in the classroom and began treating the girl’s wounds on her shoulder and torso.

‘Our teacher was very calm and collected,’ Pamela said, adding that the students all remained calm. Even the wounded girl, who remained conscious and alert, kept talking and ‘making jokes to cope with it.’

Mendoza said of the teacher was ‘literally a hero.’

‘We did our best, we called 911 four times, we told them where we were.’

Pamela said roughly 35 students were holed up in Holt’s small office adjacent to the music room for about 29 minutes before they heard police pounding on the barricaded choir room door.

About seven officers then ushered the students out of the inner office into the choir room, with the students ordered to keep their hands raised to their heads.

‘We all put our hands up,’ Mendoza said, ‘everyone crying and shaking.’

With the school on lockdown, they were told to sit on the choir risers, where they were kept for about two hours before being escorted out of the school, Pamela said.

Students were taken by school bus to a reunification point at Santa Clarita’s Central Park to meet their parents.

Pamela said the ordeal left her feeling ‘numb,’ as she sought to console other classmates shaken by the events. ‘I just feel distant from it,’ she said.

Her father, standing beside her, said, ‘I’m sure it will hit you later.’  

Kyra Stapp, 17, was watching a documentary in class when she heard two gunshots. Panicked students ran in and reported the shooting.

Stapp´s class and others were herded into a teacher break room where they locked the door and turned off the lights.

Kyra texted her mother and tried not make any noise. They exchanged messages as sirens screamed and helicopters and deputies carrying rifles and shotguns swarmed the campus. Then Kyra fell silent while officers escorted students out.

‘She’s been texting me and all of a sudden she’s not,’ Tracy Stapp said. ‘That was like the worst 10 minutes of my life, I swear.’

Shauna Orandi, 16, said she was in her Spanish class doing homework when she heard four gunshots that she initially mistook as instruments from a band class. She said a student burst into the room saying he´d seen the gunman, and her classmates were stunned into silence.

‘My worst nightmare actually came true,’ she said later as she left a nearby park with her father. ‘This is it. I´m gonna die.’

Freshman Rosie Rodriguez said she was walking up the library stairs when she heard noises that ‘sounded like balloons’ popping. She realized they were gunshots when she saw other students running.

Still carrying a backpack laden with books, she ran across the street to a home, where a person she didn´t know gave shelter to her and about 10 other students.

‘I just heard a lot of kids crying. We were scared,’ Rodriguez said.

A huge crowd of anxious parents gathered in the park, waiting to be reunited with their children.

Undersheriff Tim Murakami tweeted an apology to the parents, saying investigators needed to interview the students before they could be released. 

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