Noel Doorbal Florida Death Row

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Noel Doorbal Florida Death Row 1

Noel Doorbal Florida Death Row

Doorbal was convicted and
sentenced for the kidnapping, extortion, and attempted murder of Marc
Schiller, as well as the kidnapping and murders of Frank Griga and
Krisztina Furton.

Marc Schiller was a successful
businessman who owned an accounting firm and hired Jorge Delgado to help
with his business. Delgado often visited Schiller’s house, and the two
eventually became good friends.  Delgado also became friends with Daniel
Lugo, who was employed at Sun Gym, where Delgado exercised.  Eventually,
Lugo began joining Delgado in trips to Schiller’s house.

In 1994, Schiller questioned
Delgado’s business practices, which caused an argument between the two.
Schiller and Delgado severed their business ties, and on the advice of
Lugo, Delgado hired John Mese to be an accountant. 
Lugo convinced
Delgado that Schiller had cheated the two of them in billing operations.
Delgado testified that Lugo produced documents to back up his claims. 
When questioned by Delgado, Schiller denied any wrong doing. 
It was at
this time that Lugo, along with several associates, including Noel
Doorbal and two other individuals recruited by Lugo from Sun Gym, made a

plan to kidnap Schiller and force him to sign over assets Lugo
Schiller owed him (Lugo) and Delgado.

Although Delgado had originally
told Lugo he wanted nothing to do with the plan, he became very involved
in the plot. Delgado gave specific information to Lugo about
Schiller’s life, work schedule, home, and family life.  Lugo, Doorbal,
and the others then secretly observed Schiller.
After a few attempts, the group
was successful in kidnapping Schiller on 11/15/94.  They took him to a
warehouse Delgado had rented.  Lugo demanded that Schiller sign over his
assets to him.  After Schiller refused, the group began beating him and
shocking him with a stun gun.  Schiller finally agreed after Lugo had
threatened to harm Schiller’s wife and children.
Schiller began
unwillingly signing checks and documents, giving Lugo possession of his
property and assets.  During this time, Schiller was blindfolded so he
could not see what he was signing.  Mese became involved in the crimes
by using his position as a notary public to verify the signing of the
checks and documents. 
During Schiller’s captivity, the group entered
Schiller’s house and stole items and charged items with Schiller’s
credit cards.  Three weeks into the kidnapping, Doorbal and Delgado
convinced Lugo that the group  needed to kill Schiller because he could
possibly identify some, if not all, of those involved in the kidnapping
and extortion.
In the fourth week of the
abduction, a plan was constructed to kill Schiller by staging the murder
to appear to be a fatal drunk-driving accident.  The group forced
Schiller to consume a large amount of alcohol.  Lugo took Schiller’s car
and ran it into a utility pole to make it appear as though Schiller was
involved in an accident. 
They took Schiller to the car and put him in
the front seat, then poured gasoline over the vehicle and set it on
fire.  The group was leaving the scene in another car when they saw
Schiller in the road.  Lugo and Doorbal then told the driver to run him
over, which the driver did.  They left the scene, convinced that
Schiller was dead. 
They found out later that Schiller had actually
survived and, at his request, was transported to New York to
recuperate.  While Schiller was in New York, Lugo and his group emptied
his house and bank accounts.  Schiller was able to identify Lugo in his
testimony because he recognized Lugo’s voice during his abduction.

Noel Doorbal 2019 Information

DC Number:M16320
Birth Date:12/21/1971
Initial Receipt Date:08/31/1998
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:PENDING
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