Aidan von Grabow Teen Killer

Aidan von Grabow Teen Killer Murders Woman

Aidan von Grabow was fifteen years old when he fatally stabbed a woman to death. According to court documents Aidan von Grabow when to the victims home and would fatally stab the woman soon after she opened the door. Police believe the intended victim was the victim’s younger sister. Along with the murder charge Aidan […]

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Rachel Wade Teen Killer

Rachel Wade Teen Killer Murders Love Rival

Rachel Wade was a teenager in Florida who was involved in a love triangle that ended in murder. According to court documents Rachel Wade and Sarah Ludemann were both involved with the same man Joshua Camacho. What started as nasty phone calls and texts quickly turned violent when Wade would fatally stab Ludemann. This teen killer was […]

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jorydn wade teen killer

Jordyn Wade Teen Killer Murders 4 People

Jordyn Wade was seventeen years old when he participated in a robbery that saw four people killed. According to court documents Jordyn Wade and Robert Adams went to collect money from a group of people that quickly turned violent and four people were shot and killed. Wade apparently stood over the victims while Robert Adams […]

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tran walker photos

Tran Walker Teen Killer Murders 2 Teenagers

Tran Walker was seventeen when he stabbed his ex girlfriend and his friend to death. According to court documents Tran Walker arranged to meet his ex girlfriend and when he arrived he would stab the young woman over fifty times, when his friend tried to intervene he was also fatally stabbed. This teen killer would be sentenced […]

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eliza wasni photos

Eliza Wasni Teen Killer Murders Uber Driver

Eliza Wasni was a sixteen year old girl from Illinois who decided she wanted to kill someone. The teen killer would steal a knife and a machete from a store before using her phone to call for an Uber. Once the driver arrived the young woman would get into the car and within minutes would […]

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Kevon Watkins Teen Killer

Kevon Watkins Teen Killer Murders Sister

Kevon Watkins was sixteen years old when he murdered his sister. According to court documents Kevon Watkins would return to his Georgia home and change the WIFI password so he could have all of the stream to himself. When his sister started to argue with him, he would not share the password, the two ended […]

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