Brandon Olivieri Teen Killer

Brandon Olivieri Teen Killer Murders 2 Teenagers

Brandon Olivieri was sixteen when he was in an altercation with another youth that would end with two teenagers dead.  According to court documents this teen killer was involved with a rival when a gun came into play and Olivieri would shoot and kill the rival and another bullet would strike and kill his friend,   Brandon Olivieri […]

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jenna oakley teen killer

Jenna Oakley Teen Killer Murders Stepmother

Jenna Oakley was fifteen years old when she murdered her stepmother in Kentucky. According to court documents Jenna Oakley and her twenty year old boyfriend Kenneth Nigh would murder the woman before fleeing in her vehicle (no cause of death has been released). The teen killer and her boyfriend would be arrested in New Mexico a few […]

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Jocelyn Norton Teen Killer

Jocelyn Norton Teen Killer Murders Father

Jocelyn Norton was fifteen years old when she convinced her older boyfriend Daniel Stroh to murder her father. According to court documents Jocelyn Norton told her boyfriend that either he killed her father or she would kill herself. Daniel Stroh would fatally shoot her father and the intial plan was to kill her mother as […]

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Donovan Nicholas Teen Killer

Donovan Nicholas Teen Killer Murders Woman

Donovan Nicholas was fourteen years old when he fatally shot his father’s girlfriend. According to court documents Donovan waited for the victim to head up the stairs to answer a phone call when he grabbed his fathers gun and shot her twice from behind. Nicholas who was quickly arrested attempted to tell police that the […]

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Alan Nickerson Teen Killer

Alan Nickerson Teen Killer Murders Police Officer

Alan Nickerson was seventeen when he fatally shot a police officer. According to court documents Alan Nickerson and three other teens decided to rob two men, not knowing one was an off duty police officer, when the victim tried to run away this teen killer would open fire, striking and killing the victim. Alan Nickerson was initially […]

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Adrian Navarro-Canales Teen Killer

Adrian Navarro-Canales Teen Killer Murders Mom And Brother

Adrian Navarro-Canales just turned sixteen years old when he murdered his mother and brother in Nevada. According to court documents Adrian Navarro-Canales was not happy that his family was living in the United States and wanted to return to Mexico. The bodies of his mother and nine year old brother were found stabbed to death […]

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