Tylar Witt Teen Killer Murders Mother

Tylar Witt Teen Killer

Tylar Witt was just fourteen years old when she planned the murder of her mother. According to court documents Tylar Witt was dating a much older teen and when her mother learned that her daughter was sexually active she was going to press statutory rape charges against the boyfriend. So the teenage girl planned the … Read more

Luke Woodham Teen Killer School Shooter

luke woodham teen killer

Luke Woodham was sixteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Luke Woodham would stab his mother to death before headed to Pearl High School armed with a rifle. This teen killer would shoot and kill two female students including his ex girlfriend. He would also injure seven other students. This teen … Read more

Amber Wright Teen Killer Seath Jackson Murder

Amber Wright Teen Killer

Amber Wright was fifteen years old when she helped murder a teenage boy in Florida. According to court documents Amber Wright was dating a new guy named Michael Bargo and a plan arrived to murder her former boyfriend Seath Jackson. Amber Wright lured the young man to a home where he was brutally murdered and … Read more

Andrew Wurst Teen Killer School Shooter

Andrew Wurst Teen Killer School Shooter

Andrew Wurst was responsible for the Parker Middle School dance shooting in Pennsylvania. According to court documents Andrew Wurst would walk into the facility A Nick’s Place, banquet hall, that was hosting a school dance for Parker Middle School. Wurst would open fire killing a man, and wounding three others including a teacher and two … Read more

Yukio Yamaji Teen Killer Turned Serial Killer

Yukio Yamaji Teen Killer

Yukio Yamaji was a teen killer and serial killer from Japan who would start to murder at sixteen years old. According to court documents when Yukio Yamaji he would fatally beat his mother to death with a metal baseball bat. When arrested he would be sent to prison however would be paroled three years later. Once released … Read more