Maxwell Morton Teen Killer – Shoots Friend Takes A Selfie

maxwell morton photos

Maxwell Morton was sixteen years old when he would shoot his friend and then take a selfie. According to court documents Maxwell Morton told police that he asked his friend Ryan Mangan to take a photo of him holding a gun, then the gun accidentally went off striking Ryan. Now instead of calling 911 like … Read more

Sergio Morgan-Wideman Teen Killer Murder Robbery

Sergio Morgan-Wideman Teen Killer

Sergio Morgan-Wideman was fifteen years old when he murdered a clerk during a robbery in Florida. According to court documents Sergio Morgan-Wideman and an accomplice walked into the shop where he demanded money from the clerk before fatally shooting him in the head. Sergio Morgan-Wideman would soon be arrested and the teen killer would be sentenced to life … Read more

Joshua Mooney Teen Killer Murders Woman During Robbery

Joshua Mooney Teen Killer

Joshua Mooney was fourteen years old when he broke into a home and when he was surprised by the homeowner he would shoot and kill the forty seven year old woman. Once arrested Mooney would brag to other inmates about the killing. This teen killer would be sentenced to life in prison without parole Joshua Mooney 2021 … Read more

Lukas Mironovas Teen Killer Murders Mother

Lukas Mironovas Teen Killer

Lukas Mironovas was fifteen when he killed his mother over stolen marijuana in Maine. According to court documents Lukas Mironovas, fifteen year old William Smith and a unnamed thirteen year old would strangle and stab the victim in the neck. Apparently an argument broke out between Lukas Mironovas and his mother over missing marijuana and … Read more

Tyler Miller Teen Killer Stabs Man To Death

tyler miller photos

Tyler Miller was sixteen years old when he stabbed a man to death in Ohio. According to court documents Tyler Miller was upset that the victim had shorted him twice when buying marijuana. When the man showed up at Tyler Miller home the teen killer would get into the vehicle and proceed to stab the man multiple … Read more

Raistlin Martin Teen Killer – Teen Murders Grandfather With An Axe

Raistlin Martin Teen Killer

Raistlin Martin was fifteen years old when he attacked his sleeping Grandfather with an axe in North Carolina. According to court documents Raistlin Martin was found in his Grandfather’s room with the axe covered in blood by his father who would call police. The teen killer who has a history of mental illness was convicted at trial … Read more