Craig Price Teen Killer Murders 3 People

Craig Price Teen Killer

Craig Price was fifteen years old when he murdered three people. According to court documents Craig Price would be arrested for the murder of a woman and her daughter, once arrested Craig Price would confess to a murder he committed a year before. Due to the laws at the time this teen killer could only be held until … Read more

Tristan Potts Teen Killer Murders Sister

Tristan Potts Teen Killer

Tristan Potts was thirteen years old when he murdered his twelve year old sister. According to court documents Tristan Potts and his sister Teresa Potts were both adopted out of the foster care system. On the day of the murder this teen killer would open fire on his sister than flee the home headed for the woods. … Read more

Jesse Pomeroy Teen Killer And Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy Teen Killer And Serial Killer

Jesse Pomeroy was a sexual predator, teen killer and serial killer all before he turned eighteen years old. Jesse Pomeroy would start off by bringing younger boys into the woods and physically assaulting them. Pomeroy would never be charged yet when he left the area so did the assaults. However his new neighborhood now was prone to the same … Read more

Alexander Pogosyan Teen Killer Murders 5 People

Alexander Pogosyan Teen Killer

Alexander Pogosyan was seventeen years old when he took part in what is known as the Littleton Massacre. Pogosyan and a friend Michael Martinez went on a shooting rampage that left five people dead. The first attack was against a mother along with two teenagers. The second attack would leave two more people dead. Michael … Read more

Christopher Pittman Teen Killer Murders Grandparents

Christopher Pittman Teen Killer

Christopher Pittman was just twelve years old when he murdered his grandparents. According to court documents Christopher was involved in an altercation at school, interrupted the piano player at church and would be disciplined by his grandfather later that night for his actions. Pittman responded by grabbing a shotgun and shooting his grandparents who were … Read more

Steven Pfeil Teen Killer Murders 2 In Illinois

Steven Pfeil Teen Killer

Steven Pfeil was seventeen years old when he murdered a thirteen year old girl before killing his brother.  According to court documents thirteen year old Hillary Norskog was last seen leaving a party with Steven Pfiel, three days later her body was found and she had been stabbed multiple times.  Steven Pfeil was arrested soon … Read more