Phillip Sam Teen Killer Opens Fire Kills One

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Phillip Sam Teen Killer Opens Fire Kills One 1

Phillip Sam was sixteen years old when he opened fire on a group of teens in Wyoming and killing one. According to court documents Phillip Sam agreed to fight another youth at a park but instead he would show up with a gun stolen from his mother’s boyfriend and opened fire. One teenager would die in hospital from a gunshot wound and another would be hospitalized. Phillip Sam would be sentenced to life in prison without parole. However the teen killer would receive a resentencing hearing and would be sentenced to a life sentence with a possibility of parole after twenty five years as well as two five to ten year sentences to be served consecutively.

Phillip Sam 2020 Information

Phillip Sam Teen Killer Opens Fire Kills One 2
Name:Sam , Phillip
WDOC Inmate Number:30395
Projected Discharge Date:  N/A
Parole Eligibility Date:N/A
Correctional Facility/Office of Supervision:Wyoming State Penitentiary
2900 S. Higley Road /P.O. Box 400
Rawlins WY 82301-0400
(307) 328-1441
Ethnicity:Native American
Hair Color:  black
Eye Color:Brown
Height:5′ 08″
Weight:150 lbs

Phillip Sam More News

A Wyoming teen was charged as an adult for first-degree murder after he opened fire on a group of teens killing one and injuring another.

Tyler Burns, 19, suffered a gunshot wound to his stomach and begged for his life before 16-year-old Phillip Sam shot him in the head Oct. 5, in a public execution practically unheard of in the city of Cheyenne.

Burns died at a hospital one day after the shooting where Sam opened fire on 13 teens. The teens began to scatter until just Burns, Sam and a minor who was with Sam were left alone. 

‘I thought I should finish what I started. I didn’t want him to suffer,’ Sam told authorities. Sam has not yet entered a plea. 

Court records state that the minor who was with Sam told police that Burns begged Sam for for his life. But Sam walked up to Burns ‘until he was at point-blank range’ and shot him again twice.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that Sam had agreed to meet at the park to fight one of the teens but instead immediately began shooting when he arrived at the scene.

Sam told police that he got a .40-calibur handgun from his mother’s boyfriend and brought it to the park. 

In a preliminary hearing at Laramie County Circuit Court, Detective James Harper from Cheyenne Police Department stated that Sam said he brought the gun to the park because ‘he didn’t want to get jumped.’

Sam was also charged with 10 additional counts, according to the WTE, and is being held at a juvenile detention center on $250,000 bail.

Sam was charged as an adult, however, because he is a minor, the maximum penalty Sam could receive would be life in prison, the WTE reports. 

Each aggravated assault count Sam receives carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

Phillip Sam Other News

A 20-year-old Cheyenne man who was 16 when he fatally shot another teenager in the head at point-blank range was resentenced Monday in Laramie County District Court.

Phillip Sam was convicted in August 2015 of first-​degree murder and 12 counts of aggravated assault in the October 2014 killing of Tyler Burns and was sentenced in January 2016 to life with the possibility of parole after 25 years, plus three consecutive sentences of 9-10 years.

​The Wyoming Supreme Court overturned the sentence in August 2017, saying Sam’s sentence was unconstitutional because it amounted to life without the possibility of parole.

“I know you have to do what you have to do because you’re made to do it,” Tyler Burns’ mother, Robin Burns, told Judge Thomas Campbell. “(But) this is cruel and unusual punishment, what we have to go through.”

​​”I don’t mean to minimize it because it’s math,” said Campbell, who recognized nothing he did would change that victimization and resentenced Sam to ​life with the possibility of parole after 25 years, plus two consecutive sentences of 5-10 years.

​The new ruling means Sam will be eligible for parole in 35 years rather than 52.

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