Randy Halprin Execution Stayed

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Randy Halprin Execution Stayed 1

Randy Halprin Execution Stayed Over Judge’s Remarks

Randy Halprin execution which was scheduled later this week has been temporarily stayed as the Judge who presided over the case apparently made anti Semitic remarks regarding Halprin and Jewish people in general.
Randy Halprin of course is one of the last remaining of the group known as the Texas Seven who broke out of prison and would end up murdering a police officer.  Halprin who has always denied being part of the murder was convicted due to the Texas law of parties which basically means if you are a part of a group who commits a crime you are just as guilty.  Halprin who was serving a lengthy prison sentence for injury to a child before his prison break was reportedly just a lookout during the murder of the officer.
Only Randy Halprin and Patrick Murphy are still alive.  Larry Harper would commit suicide before the group was captured and the rest have been executed
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