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Robert Hansen photos serial killer

Robert Hansen was a serial killer from Alaska whose method of murder makes him very unique to other serial killers history has seen

Robert Hansen was a skinny kid who was prone to acne and was frequently rejected by women instilling a hate for the fairer sex.  He joined the United States Reserves but was booted after a year.  Hansen would get married but would be arrested for burning down a garage and would serve twenty months in prison before being paroled.  His wife would leave him while he was behind bars

Robert Hansen would move to Alaska and soon be under investigation after a young woman was tortured and sexually assaulted.  The young woman was able to escape and run to authorities.  Due to lack of evidence Hansen was never charged

Over the next couple of years a series of women would disappear and after finding a number of dead bodies the local police brought in the FBI and soon after they identified Robert Hansen as their main suspect.  Searches of his property would bring up a number of items and after a few hours of interrogation Robert Hansen would confess to a long series of crimes.  According to Hansen he started killing in 1971 with a couple of young women and not the prostitutes he would later target

According to court documents Robert Hansen would pick up prostitutes and bring them to a remote section of Alaskan forest where he would free them and then begin to hunt them down.

Robert Hansen would plead guilty to four homicides and would be sentenced to four hundred and sixty one years in prison plus a life sentence.  Authorities believe he is responsible for at least twenty murders

Robert Hansen Other News

Convicted serial killer Robert Hansen, who abducted women and hunted them down in the Alaska wilderness in the 1970s as Anchorage boomed with construction of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, died Aug. 21 at a hospital in Anchorage. He was 75.

Alaska Department of Corrections spokeswoman Sherrie Daigle confirmed the death and said the state medical examiner will determine the cause.

Mr. Hansen was convicted in 1984 after confessing to killing 17 women, many of them dancers and prostitutes, during a 12-year span. He was convicted of four of the murders in a deal that spared him having to go to trial 17 times.

The Anchorage baker also confessed to raping 30 other women during that time.

Mr. Hansen was the subject of a 2013 film, “The Frozen Ground,” which starred Nicolas Cage as an Alaska State trooper investigating the slayings. Actor John Cusack portrayed Mr. Hansen, and Vanessa Hudgens played a prostitute and victim who survived.

Mr. Hansen was serving a 461-year sentence in Alaska at the time of his death.

He had been incarcerated at a state prison in Seward and was moved in May to the Anchorage Correctional Center to receive medical attention.

Mr. Hansen, who got the nickname “the Butcher Baker,” owned a bakery in a downtown mini-mall in the 1970s and 1980s. He lived across town with his wife and children, who knew nothing of his other life.

Construction of the 800-mile oil pipeline in the 1970s brought prostitutes, pimps, con artists and drug dealers to Alaska’s largest city, aiming to separate construction workers from some of the big money they were pulling in. Many who looked for quick riches left as abruptly as they arrived in Anchorage, making sudden disappearances commonplace.

Glenn Flothe, a trooper who helped put Mr. Hansen behind bars, told the Anchorage Daily News in 2008 that Mr. Hansen’s victims initially included any woman who caught his eye, but Mr. Hansen quickly learned that strippers and prostitutes were harder to track and less likely to be missed.

Mr. Hansen would abduct the women and take them to remote places outside the city. Sometimes he would drive, and other times he would fly his private plane. A licensed pilot, Mr. Hansen told investigators that one of his favorite spots to take his victims was the Knik River northeast of Anchorage.

Investigators have said that in some instances, Mr. Hansen would rape the women but return them to Anchorage, warning them not to contact authorities. Other times, he would let the women go free in the wilderness and then hunt them with his rifle.

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