Robert Pickton Serial Killer – The Pig Farmer

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Robert Pickton Serial Killer Photos

Robert Pickton is a serial killer from Canada who would confess to forty nine victims.

Robert Pickton was a pig farmer outside of Vancouver British Columbia. He would initially show up on police radar when he was arrested for attempted murder of a sex worker however he would beat the charges. Authorities would notice that a number of women who went to the Pickton pig farm would never be seen from again. Eventually police were able to pick up the serial killer and with an undercover officer in the cell next to him he would admit to killing forty nine women. Robert would be convicted on six charges of second degree murder and be sentenced to prison. Authorities decided not to charge him for the other forty three murders. Pickton disposed of the bodies by feeding them to the pigs however police found enough evidence to initially charge him with twenty seven counts of murder.

Robert Pickton Videos

Robert Pickton Videos
Robert Pickton Videos

Robert Pickton Other News

Notorious serial killer and pig farmer Robert Pickton has been transferred to a maximum-security prison in Quebec, the family of the one of his victims said Sunday.

Joyce Lachance, whose niece Marnie Frey was one of six women whom Robert Pickton was convicted of killing, said she received a phone call from Correctional Services Canada on Thursday, notifying her that Pickton had been transferred that day.

She said she was told he was transferred from Kent Institution in Agassiz, B.C., for his protection and so that he could access different programs at the Port-Cartier Institution, about 600 kilometres northeast of Quebec City.

Lachance said she is unhappy the family wasn’t contacted prior to the transfer and that other family members still had not received official notification of the move.

“They are angry because they have not gotten a phone call. Why were they left out? That is awful,” she said.

The person who called told her said she would be receiving a letter soon in the mail confirming the transfer, Lachance said.

She also said she is concerned that if Pickton comes up for parole, it will be more difficult for victims’ family members to make the trip across the country to participate in his parole hearing.

Rick Frey, Marnie Frey’s father, said he’s disappointed that he hasn’t been notified. He said the family has had enough to deal with since his daughter’s disappearance in 1997, and every time Robert Pickton’s name comes up again, it just “stirs the pot.”

“It’s just been a nightmare from day one,” Rick Frey said.

Correctional Service Canada said in a statement that it could not comment on a specific case or disclose the location of a federal offender due to the Privacy Act.

“The safety and security of staff and inmates are paramount when making decisions about inmate accommodation. Transfers are made to manage security requirements within an institution,” it said in a statement.

He was arrested in February 2002 and convicted of six counts of second-degree murder in December 2007. The remains or DNA of 33 women were found on Pickton’s property in Port Coquitlam, B.C.

Robert Pickton Photos

robert pickton photos
Robert Pickton Photos

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