Rory Conde Florida Death Row

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Rory Conde Florida Death Row 1

Rory Conde Florida Death Row

– A judge today sentenced to
death accused serial killer Rory Conde, the “Tamiami Trail
Strangler” who has allegedly killed six prostitutes since 1994,
authorities said.


Judge Jerald Bagley issued the death penalty to Conde
during a 9:30 a.m. hearing today after Conde’s conviction nearly four
months ago in one of the slayings, the 1995 murder of 21-year-old Rhonda


Lawyers for Conde, a married, 34-year-old building-supply
salesman, had argued that he should be spared death because the killing
spree was the result of sexual abuse he suffered as a child at the hands
of his uncle.


Defense lawyer: ‘His life fell apart’


In a court filing, the attorneys said the spree
started Sept. 17, 1994, when Conde encountered cross-dressing male
prostitute Lazaro Comesana. Conde’s shock at discovering that Comesana
was man during their sexual encounter was such that he flashed back to
the abuse he suffered between ages 6 and 12, the lawyers said.


“His life fell apart when he went to a prostitute
who turned out to be a man,” defense lawyer Jeffrey Fink said.
“In a very real sense, he was put on a track when he was abused as
a child that was impossible for him to turn away from anymore.”


Bagley issued the death sentence without comment at
the hearing today. Assistant State Attorney Abraham Laeser, who tried
the case, declined comment.
Alleged six-month spree


Conde was found guilty in October of Dunn’s murder,
the only one of six alleged slayings for which he has been tried.


The killing spree, which allegedly began in September
1994, lasted roughly six months. In addition to Dunn, who traded sex for
drugs in the Tamiami Trail area, and Comesana, other alleged victims
included Elisa Martinez, Charity Fay Nava, Wanda Cook Crawford and
Necole Schneider.


The alleged series of slayings was discovered when
neighbors heard banging on the walls from inside Conde’s apartment and
called police, who found a woman there bound and gagged with duct tape.


An appeal of the ruling automatically will be filed
for Conde. No decision has yet been made on when or if he will be tried
for the other deaths.

Rory Conde 2019 Information

rory conde 2019 florida death row
ID Photo
DC Number:M25274
Birth Date:06/14/1965
Initial Receipt Date:07/12/2001
Current Custody:MAXIMUM
Current Release Date:PENDING
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